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With pipelines delayed, tar-sands oil shifts onto trains

Protests have stalled construction of new tar-sands pipelines, so oil companies are now shipping their goop south by rail.

Chevron to poor California town: ‘Thanks, but we’d rather pollute’

Three months after a fire at Chevron's Richmond refinery, the oil giant says it is rebuilding to pollute as usual.

E.U. wimps out, postpones controversial airline-emissions law

Under pressure from the U.S. and other big polluters, the European Union is stopping the clock on an emissions-trading system for airlines.

Solar-powered generators save Sandy victims from waiting in line for gas

It’s nice to think that the aftermath of an eco-catastrophe won’t be forcing everyone to use unsustainable power sources that will probably only make climate change worse.

Stephen Colbert on ‘wind turbine syndrome’

Colbert takes on the health effects of wind turbines ... including herpes.

Obama limits oil-shale development OK’d by Bush

The Interior Dept. plans to close 1.6 million acres of federal land that had been slated by the Bush admin for oil-shale development. Remember Bush?

Fired coal mine employee shares letter from evil coal boss with the world

An Ohio coal company laid off employees and blamed Obama instead of acknowledging the real causes of the industry's suffering. And, yes, the coal boss is Robert Murray.

U.S. oil production headed for 20-year high

The U.S. is now producing almost 6.7 million barrels of oil a day. So, um, yay?

‘Magic’: How New York dried out and fired up its subway system

The New York Times has the fascinating story of how the city's transit system was pulled back from the brink of disaster.