Business & Technology

Soon we’ll be killing people with solar-powered drones

This isn't just some futuristic, comic-book dystopian idea.

Chevron is newly concerned about politicians being influenced by money

File this under "irony" and "chutzpah."

The WTO may halt Ontario’s clean energy program

Ontario requires that a percentage of its wind and solar projects be provided by Ontario companies. The WTO says that's illegal. Dick move, WTO.

Keystone XL fight heats up again in East Texas

Activists trying to block construction of the pipeline report 12 brutal arrests yesterday heading into the second month of the sustained treesit.

Will the U.S. dump the U.N. climate process?

With the U.N.'s annual climate conference approaching, the U.S. is looking elsewhere for collaboration: the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate.

Al Gore

A chat with Al Gore on carbon taxes, natural gas, and the ‘morally wrong’ Keystone pipeline

In a wide-ranging conversation with Grist, Gore also talks about Obama's recent climate comments, coal export terminals, and climate progress around the world.

The world plans to build 1,200 new coal plants, because climate change is happening too slowly, I guess

Coal use is growing and poised to grow even faster, according to data from the World Resources Institute.

One dead, one missing in Gulf explosion that was caught on video

The contracting firm for which the injured employees worked has a history of similar problems.

University gives ‘frackademics’ the boot

SUNY Buffalo has shuttered its on-campus, pro-fracking think tank following publication of a misleading, error-filled report.