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Guess how many times the House voted for fossil fuels and against clean energy

Hint: a lot. A new report spells out the dirty details.

Watch live as a guy freefalls from space

Felix Baumgartner is jumping out of a balloon in the stratosphere, and skydiving all the way to Earth.

Youngstown, Ohio, could turn to fracking to clean up mess left by steel industry

The city's effort to remove abandoned properties has run out of money. So to raise cash, it's considering a return to dirty industry.

Comically evil coal honcho could face investigations into fundraising trickery

Robert Murray, who has coerced employees into being in a Romney ad and donating to Republicans, could be investigated for potential lawbreaking.

Yes, coal is dying, but no, EPA is not the main culprit

A Christian Science Monitor headline claims that EPA regulations are squelching coal companies. Not so: David Roberts explains what's really snuffing out the industry.

BP sells disaster site to pay bills from another disaster

BP is selling its refinery in Texas where an explosion killed 15 people in 2005. The money will go to clean up the Deepwater Horizon mess. The big wheel of life keeps turning.

A new ‘golden age of oil’ in the U.S.? Don’t believe it

Those like Mitt Romney who claim that the U.S. can achieve energy “independence” by 2020 are delusional. "Extreme energy" is an extreme dead end.

Finally! Chipotle signs deal to pay tomato pickers more

The agreement brings an end to a long fight between the restaurant chain and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

How to make energy journalism better

Media critic Jay Rosen asked David Roberts what kind of energy journalism the world needs. Here's the answer.