Business & Technology

Business & Technology

How to put solar panels on your roof, even if you don’t have a roof

A bill advancing through the California legislature would make it easy for anyone who pays a utility bill to become a solar customer.

Green Cars

Ultimate green car drops your carbon footprint to zero, by killing you

The Onion shares a really innovative green breakthrough: The Prius Solution kills you with a spike as soon as you get in.

Climate & Energy

Coal and China: Bad, but maybe not as bad as you think

China's been binging on coal, but that's not going to continue forever, says Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Business & Technology

We can’t solve our environmental problems without business

“If business isn’t developing solutions to our sustainability issues, they won’t be developed,” says Andy Hoffman, a professor of sustainable enterprise at the University of Michigan.


Massive fracking company pays way lower tax rate than Grist interns

Chesapeake Energy Corp., the second-largest natural-gas producer in the U.S., has paid just 1 percent in income taxes over its 23-year history.

Business & Technology

Spray-on batteries could turn your coffee cup into an energy collecting device

A team of engineers have figured out how to make spray-on, rechargeable batteries that could transform any surface, anywhere, into a device for collecting and storing energy.


After the Earth Summit, young people push for real change

World leaders failed to deliver in Rio. But there was other progress, and a call for fundamental economic change. Now, says one young observer, it’s time to raise some hell.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands oil spills should scare the crap out of you

InsideClimate News has published an in-depth series on a million-gallon-plus spill of oil-sands crude near Kalamazoo, Mich. Here are the good bits.


WTO doesn’t want you to know where your meat was born

Mystery meat is about to make a comeback, now that the WTO has slapped down a rule requiring country-of-origin labels.