Business & Technology

Shell starts drilling, hasn’t ruined the Arctic yet

More than 24 hours after Shell started drilling off the coast of Alaska, the company has yet to spill oil all over everything.

Injured bald eagle gets new 3-D printed beak

A team of scientists, engineers, and a dentist designed a nylon polymer beak that would perfectly replace the eagle's lost upper mandible.

U.S. sees a spike in solar installation over last three months

The 742 megawatts of solar power installed during the summer is the second-largest amount installed in one quarter.

Small-scale, distributed renewables: Tiny, but growing fast around the world

Small-scale, locally owned power (mainly solar) is spreading quickly and has enormous potential.

Shocker: The oil that Isaac washed up on the Gulf Coast is from the BP spill

Literally no one saw this coming. BP, for example, was staggered.

World’s richest woman would prefer to pay her miners $2 a day

Gina Rinehart, world's richest woman, can't believe she has to pay miners more than they would earn in Africa. She'd much rather pay them $2 a day (or less).

Paul Ryan’s wind power hypocrisy

His arguments against the wind production tax credit would be much better applied to subsidies for Big Oil.

Utilities beat back community solar bill in California

A bill that would have let anyone in California buy power from small-scale, local renewable projects was killed by big investor-owned utilities.

Hurricane Isaac leaves tar balls, oiled animals on Louisiana beaches

BP says it's not entirely clear who's to blame. (Really.)