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Power trip

Solar gets big and cheap in California

A San Francisco solar installation. Photo: Gavin NewsomEarlier this week, I wrote about the green evolution in California regarding electric cars. Well, when it comes to solar energy, it’s starting to look more like a …

Beet down

USDA ‘partially deregulates’ GM sugar beets, defying court order

     Big Ag — can’t beet ’em.A week ago, the USDA shocked the organic-farming community by “fully deregulating” genetically modified alfalfa, after acknowledging that organic farmers had legitimate concerns about the move and hinting they’d be …

Slaughterhouse Live!

Oprah discovers slaughterhouses are more sanitary when sanitized

Oprah sent an “investigative” reporter into a Cargill slaughterhouse, and the resulting video is, frankly, amazing. If you’re the least curious about how cows make the journey from feedlot to your plate, it’s worth watching …

No charge for that

Bay Area hands out $3 million to install home electric car chargers

20 Blink commercial charging stations will be installed around the Bay Area.Photo: BlinkHere’s a mid-week dispatch from the green evolution in California. The Bay Area Air Management District on Wednesday granted $3.9 million to four …

Seed money

How the next farm bill could plant a new crop of farmers

Microloans could encourage young people to become farmers.Photo: Chewonki Semester SchoolUSDA Secretary Tom Vilsack recently called for 100,000 new farmers — a recognition that the U.S. farm population is aging rapidly. To create a revitalized, …

E.U. carbon fraud: Could it happen here?

Cross-posted from Sightline’s Daily Score blog. Europe’s Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) cap-and-trade system has taken a somewhat undeserved drubbing in the press. Overall, it has functioned reliably and reasonably efficiently. Most of the alleged “Carbon Fraud!” …

shipping news

Is this the Amazon checkout of the future?

This concept for choosing a shipping method shows what rethinking design can do for the environment.

Spin Cycle

Smart appliances are coming! (Some day)

The time when your refrigerator can have an intelligent conversation with the local utility's smart grid could finally be on the horizon.

Hot off the pressure

White House pressured Vilsack to approve GMO alfalfa, media reports suggest

According to reports from Wall Street Journal ag-policy reporters and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, the USDA's recent decision to green-light GMO alfalfa was based on political pressure from the White House. Brings back …