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REDD between the lines

Indonesia’s billion-dollar climate experiment

Can rich nations pay Indonesia, a corruption-riddled government, to protect its rainforests?

Climate Change Deniers Will Go Hungry Too

Trying to get investors and policymakers to focus on things we can all agree on, such as saving energy and money or creating domestic renewable energy jobs, I have refused to engage the climate change …

up high... down low... epa... too fast?

Response to the electricity industry's timeline of environmental regulations

After years of delay, the EPA is working to reduce dangerous and toxic pollutants released to the air and water by electric power plants.

Northern exposure

Seattle and Oslo companies form venture to build solar farms

When you think of solar powerhouses, Seattle and Oslo do not exactly come to mind, what with their often-gray skies and location in the northern latitudes. But both have been a hotbed of green tech …

Blast off

China widens gap with U.S. in green energy race

Energy Secretary Steven Chu warned China was investing billions in renewables while our politicians fought over the stimulus. A Ernst & Young report confirmed Asia's ascendancy.


Worldchanging’s bright green contribution

The site recognized, before much of the environmental movement did, that cities are hotbeds of innovation, leadership, and people who have internalized a sustainability ethic.

keep on pushin'

Beware of drug pushers in Cancun

Beneath so much apparent agreement in Cancun lies the real truth -- some of its loudest delegates also those pushing for dirty coal.

elevated parking

The most secure bike lock in the world (16-second video)

The drawbacks seem to be (1) it looks a little heavy to carry around and (2) if I were a bike thief, I can't imagine a challenge more fun to take on than stealing a …

Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO

Today, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against Dow Chemical, Sasol North America (which owns CONDEA Vista), and PR firms Dezenhall Resources and Ketchum, for hiring private investigators to steal documents from Greenpeace, tap our phones and …