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A Trench View of the Climate Wars

Fighting Coal in the Rockies

Fighting for the Waxman-Markey climate bill may be sexy and hip (and worthwhile), but here in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys of Colorado, without much fanfare, we are engaged in some trench fighting to solve …

“an important step forward”

AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney endorses approach of Waxman-Markey climate and clean energy bill

For those who know the history, the relationship between the environmental movement and the labor movement has been cool, at best, for a long time. But the two groups have been talking to each other …

EDF's Climate Corps

Planting green moles in corporate America

On the 28th floor of a San Francisco skyscraper, a cadre of 26 young men and women called the Climate Corps is being briefed. They won’t be planting trees or serving as Al Gore’s cap-and-trade …

Climate change lobbying dominated by ten firms

This post by Marianne Lavelle and Matthew Lewis is reprinted with the permission of The Center for Public Integrity.—– Hundreds of lobbyists are cramming into Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building this week …

Wheeler Dealers

Auto industry’s litigation strategy may have backfired in showrooms

Telling it like it is: President Obama meets with auto industry executives Tuesday in the Roosevelt Room of the White House before moving to the Rose Garden to announce new fuel and emission standards for …

The incredible shrinking tent

Republican counter-strategy on climate: Revenge!

How much smaller can the climate denial tent get? We’re about to find out. With companies as diverse as Nike, Johnson & Johnson and Ford Motor Company having joined the call for comprehensive clean energy …

In the game or on the sidelines?

Northwest businesses weigh in — or bow out — on energy policy

This fall, Northwest-based global businesses Nike and Starbucks led a group of consumer brands to publicly champion muscular, science-based climate and energy policies. These companies are on the field, playing hardball politics in support of …

From the truth is stranger than fiction dept.

GOP: defending little guys from corporations since a couple days ago

Just when you think you’ve gotten cynical enough, the GOP goes and tries to rebrand its energy policy as economic populism: In a strategy memo obtained by POLITICO, Republican staffers for the Senate Committee on …

Climate math: How the “Chicken Littles” cook the numbers

The transition to clean energy, reducing our dependence on dangerous foreign oil and protecting our environment will cost less than some would have you think. In April, the EPA estimated that the American Clean Energy …

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