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A win-win

Big league sports join the green team, score with solar

An alliance between sports and the green community has American pro leagues urging teams to solarize their stadiums. Some teams are ahead of the game

Partners in slime

BP report says there's plenty of blame to spread around for Gulf explosion

BP accepts some responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon explosion, but also points fingers at its partners, in a report released today.

when xtreme farmers market

The greatest wannabe junk food on the planet — 'extreme baby carrots'

If only vegetables had bright packaging, adrenaline-packed commercials, and millions of dollars for marketing campaigns! Maybe then they could compete with the glitzy success of junk food. Or they could go the route of "baby …


The Climate Post: Will the "dead" climate bill become a federal renewable energy standard?

Read about Sen. Lisa Murkowski's primary loss, ocean desertification, what's next for environmentalists, Chinese coal plants, and more.

couldn't punch their way out of a plastic bag

California bags the plastic bag ban but makes solar leap

The Golden State failed to ban plastic bags and may reverse its landmark climate bill AB 32, but it's also adding solar panel capacity like crazy.

Back in black

Latest Gulf oil well explosion was no disaster, but what does it say about offshore drilling?

Thursday's fire in the Gulf had little in common with the BP disaster, but critics of offshore drilling say it highlights how risky the practice is.

clean up on aisle green

It (almost) can't get more local than growing at the grocery store

Are farmers markets not fresh enough for you? Do you love the experience of walking down aisles of food which the grocery store can offer but cringe at the miles and minutes it took for …

Everyday low standards

The price of cheap Walmart eggs? Mummified hens and tainted eggs

Atrocious sanitary conditions prevailed within the factory-scale facilities responsible for the egg recall. But the structure of the U.S. food market and the companies that benefit from its consolidation are far more to blame than …

Once there were parking lots

New Agtivist: Gene Fredericks is thinking inside the city’s big box

They're the bane of urban and suburban areas alike: the vacant, boarded-up K-Marts and Home Depot Expos. But where most people see blight and a waste of space, San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Gene Fredericks …