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block party

Now you can use Google to organize your neighbors around solar.

Setting up a community solar project? Google's got you covered.


The Paris climate accord is a big fucking deal, now more than ever

The massive international agreement becomes official today, not that anyone will notice.

Blinded by the light

Will Florida’s voters be fooled into passing an anti-solar amendment?

The utility industry is pushing a ballot measure that pretends to support rooftop solar while actually undermining it.

Smog check

Can California get anyone other than rich people to buy electric vehicles?

The state government is changing its EV rebate system and trying to answer that question.


You know you want to be a Grist fellow. And now you have more time to apply.

Apply by November 14.

fraud city

Your local farmers market stand might be reselling produce.

NYC Greenmarket takes food mislabeling very seriously. At other markets, farmers are much less regulated.


What the New York Times missed with its big GMO story

A more balanced approach would have been to look at all of the evidence.

Outta sight, man

Jeff Bezos wants to save the planet by moving industry off it.

The Amazon founder envisions people living in outer-space cylinders -- and heavy industry living in them too.

taken for a ride — or not

Uber works great for white male riders.

A new study indicates all rides are not created equally.