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OG Bubblegum Swamp Kush

Weed might make you feel chill, but its impact on the climate is anything but.

Indoor cannabis is nearly as much of an energy drain as running a data center.

The Magnificent Seven

7 signs that China is serious about combating climate change

Some conservatives say that China isn't doing anything about CO2 emissions, but they're flat-out wrong.

How does your solar garden grow?

What do solar panels and tomatoes have in common? Living space.

UC Davis and a solar company are investigating whether you can mix farming and utility-scale solar.

windy business

Offshore wind is finally — finally! — coming to the U.S. Here’s what you need to know.

Grist talks to the CEO of Deepwater Wind, the first company to build an offshore wind farm in the United States.

Uncivil union

Big Labor has an identity crisis, and its name is Dakota Access

The AFL-CIO’s president threw his support behind the pipeline, dividing the country’s biggest union federation.

More like "the big battery," amirite?

NYC is the first city to adopt a target for energy storage.

It will help the city integrate more solar and wind power into its system and ultimately bring down carbon emissions.

Meat bubble

Major investment groups told food companies that meat is too risky.

People might just love meat to death.

Spaced Out

Elon Musk has a big idea to save civilization: Move it to Mars.

Why bother saving the planet you already have when you can just get a new one?


Obama took up Standing Rock, albeit delicately, at his last Tribal Nations Conference.

The president passed on the opportunity to mention the Dakota Access pipeline, specifically.