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Too bad NASA’s plan for space-based solar never happened

It involved 60 orbiting power stations and something called a Star-Raker.

Writer's Sunblock

Should I stop plugging in my laptop?

Umbra sheds a little light on solar chargers.


The oyster wars shed light on a bigger debate

After all the sound and fury of the oyster war, perhaps we can learn a better form of community decision making.

Business & Technology

Dutch tower sucks smog out of the air

The pollutants extracted from the air are then turned into jewelry. Neat!

Business & Technology

VW cheated on emissions tests, will have to fix half a million cars

Volkswagen put a sneaky device in its cars that let them pollute more -- except during emissions tests. And now the EPA is pissed.

Business & Technology

We need better home energy storage. These companies are working on it

Better battery technology could raise the prospects of an off-grid revolution.

Taxpayers lose billions to coal subsidies

According to new report, we're all being fleeced.

Climate & Energy

There’s been a boom in energy-efficient skyscraper construction

But there's a catch.

Climate & Energy

Does the Obama administration care more about free trade than climate change?

The admin attacked India's solar policies through the WTO, and such disputes would only get more common under trade deals Obama is pushing.