Business & Technology

Whoa, Nelly

Are self-driving cars legal? And if so, can I drive home drunk in one?

In trying to sort out the laws around self-driving car schemes, the government may look for inspiration back to the age of the horse.

Climate & Energy

Coal is dying. Who’s going to pay for the cleanup? You are!

Bankrupt coal companies are leaving behind a big mess.

Low gas prices spell trouble for oil-drilling states

Some states have taken heavy blows to their budgets that could prompt cuts to education and social services.

The feds want to give $14 million in taxpayer money to a Koch brother’s coal mine

Yes, that's just as insane as it sounds.

Business & Technology

Check out this highlight reel from the first SpaceX landing, get stoked for the next one

The company is planning to land a rocket this Sunday, after depositing a satellite in orbit.

Sucks to be the coal industry right now

The year is off to a bad start for purveyors of the dirtiest fossil fuel on earth.

Climate change means we’ll all be buying less fancy crap

In a climate-changed world, middle-class people will have other things to spend their money on.

John Edwards tries to weasel his way in on the Volkswagen emission suit

The disgraced former VP candidate says his "unusual experiences" would make him a great plaintiffs' attorney.

Business & Technology

NASA is designing a new, improved airplane wing

With electric motors in place of fossil fuel-burning jet engines, this test wing could one day make planes more efficient and aerodynamic.