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You probably missed this climate change promise hidden in Clinton’s speech

In an otherwise predictable speech, the Democratic front-runner said she would raise fees on fossil-fuel extraction and leasing.

Business & Technology

Here’s another reason why oil refineries (literally) suck

Oil refineries are the second biggest water user of non-ag businesses in drought-parched California.


Why Seattle still has a huge garbage problem

The city says it wants to get to "zero waste," but residents apparently have a hard time with change.

Climate & Energy

How much does the world spend to subsidize fossil fuels? The IMF wants to know

Watch our video to find out how many. Hint: It's in the trillions.

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Subaru’s new sustainability pledge is pretty weak. Here’s why

Why is a well-managed car company ignoring climate change in favor of outdated marketing?


Take that, Trans-Pacific Partnership! Enviros celebrate as Obama’s trade agenda takes a blow

The shadowy trade deal hit a huge roadblock as Democrats in the House blocked “fast track” trade promotion authority.


Organic farmers: Whole Foods is an unfair grader

Like many certification systems, the Whole Foods ratings have some downsides, and some farmers say the system is costly and flawed.

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Remember that bulldozed rainforest? We have pretty good news!

A patch of Indonesian rainforest was cut down for palm-oil production. The company involved just announced a moratorium on all forest clearance.

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Your Netflix binges could soon be fueled by solar power, thanks to Amazon

Guilt-free "Orange is the New Black" marathons? Yes, please.