Business & Technology

Thumbs up

Google is in the hitchhiking business.

Why is Google trying to get into the hitchhiking business?

Work smarter

To fight climate change, take a three-day weekend — every weekend.

Most carbon emissions result from economic activity such as commuting and running machines at workplaces.

uber complicated

It’s like Uber, but for public transit. Also, it is Uber.

Altamonte Springs, Florida, struggled for years to develop a transit system.

No justice, no peas

Underpaid, overworked farmworkers set to get liberal labor protections. Farmers grumble.

Farmworkers could finally get equal rights for overtime pay.

I hear the train a comin'

Nashville has big transit plans. Can they succeed in a conservative state?

The fast-growing city could get new light rail, bus rapid transit, and more -- but first, there are some hurdles.

Men Again

Turns out “toxic masculinity” isn’t just a threat to your dating life, but also the planet.

A new study found that eco-friendliness tends to connote femininity, which everyone knows makes you weak!

tallahassee change

Florida tries to reclaim its identity as the Sunshine State.

Voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to cut property taxes on residential and commercial properties with solar panels.

Flip sync battle

Should you always turn the lights out when leaving a room?

A reader wonders if it's wasteful to flip lights on and off too quickly. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk offers an illuminating answer.

The milky way

A new kind of packaging cuts food waste, replaces plastic, and — if you’re still hungry — it’s edible.

A contender to dethrone plastic packages