Business & Technology

Not your parents’ transit

These huge buses drive right over the top of cars

China thinks it’s found an answer to its congestion problem.

The walk of the town

Homes in walkable neighborhoods are worth more

People are willing to pay a higher price for a home if it's close to stores, workplaces, or transit, new analysis finds.

for the win

Sci-fi writers dream up what future Olympic Games will look like

Their ideas range from wacky to thought-provoking.

Deep impact

Obama tells federal agencies to get serious about climate change

In his final months in office, the president makes a change to how the government evaluates major projects. Nerdy but important!

Too Far

Behold, the death of memes at the hand of the fracking lobby

The natural gas industry is attempting to woo presumptively dimwitted millennials with memes, listicles, and quizzes.


Trump disagrees with fellow Republicans on local fracking bans

The GOP candidate said communities should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to allow hydraulic fracturing.

The leather underground

Your next leather accessory might be made from mushrooms

At least if startup MycoWorks gets its way.


Industry events left an oily sheen on the Democratic convention

Activists say panels sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute sullied the Democratic Party's gathering.

deal with it

Hate crappy trade deals? This free concert is for you.

Talib Kweli, Tom Morello, and more are rocking against the TPP.