Fancy streetlights save a lot of energy but steal your sleep

LED streetlights sound like a great idea. But there's a hitch.


Trees lining California streets are worth an extra $1 billion a year

A new study calculates the value of the trees that line the state’s roads.


Stackable neighborhoods could be the way of the future for cities

One design firm imagines a skyscraper-free, self-sustaining urban landscape.

cough cough

Kids who breathe polluted air have higher rates of mental illness

Even a little pollution may have a big effect.


One day, you might get paid to poo

Korean researchers have a brilliant idea to put your poop to work.

Paging Mr. Rogers

Won’t you be my neighbor — say fewer Americans than ever

We're connecting less and less with the people with whom we share streets and fences. How is that changing our communities?

Climate & Energy

Bay Area voters approve a whole new kind of climate tax

The $12-a-year property tax will raise money for restoring coastal marshes and preparing for rising seas.


New York City tries to end scourge of plastic bags. New York state says, “Nope.”

Who knew trying to get rid of plastic bags would be such a battle?


Even if Sanders loses the primary, his fracking policy won California

Clinton and Sanders have been courting the state’s environmentalist vote.