People of color suffer through extra long commutes

If you're Latino and live in the Twin Cities, you burn more than a month of work time each year just getting to the office, when compared to your white counterparts.


While you were worrying about trains, your car was trying to kill you

I had to get from Philadelphia to New York. Sure, Amtrak just wrecked a train. But it's not like the highway is safer.

Mi kink es su kink

When it comes to sex dungeons, sharing is caring!

A new company, KinkBnB, is connecting homeowners and kinksters in an AirBnB-like service.

Climate & Energy

Shell says eff you to Seattle

The oil giant is bringing its Arctic drilling rig to the famously green city despite heavy resistance, and Seattle is saying eff you right back.

Climate & Energy

6 ways to promote economic equality and climate action at the same time

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and other liberal Democrats have unveiled a new progressive agenda. Here’s how to make it even stronger and greener.


Reality TV that doesn’t suck: Watch this family feed 10 kids with an awesome farm

This video on New Orleans food culture features a recipe for Creole chicken and shrimp curry, too.


Dear Vienna: Stop patronizing people who aren’t straight

Putting stick-figure same-sex couples on traffic lights is an attention-getting gesture. But actually naming things for activists is more meaningful.

Connecting the dots between the environment and justice

Help change the conversation about race and environmentalism.


Local public library going to shit? Some people are starting their own

New York City libraries are as popular as ever, but they are falling apart. A few New Yorkers are starting libraries their own.