Climate Change

Climate Change

Drought in U.S. is terrible news for the whole wide world

Reading the papers this weekend probably made you thirsty.

Climate Change

Rising waters: Close encounters with climate change on the Hudson

Two men set out by motorcycle to talk to everyday folks about their experiences with extreme weather. In this episode of Slow Ride Stories, an interview with a sailing captain and his crew.

Climate Change

How’s the weather, America? We want to hear from you

This summer, we're getting a sneak peek at what the new climate normal could look like. If you have photos of this year's crazy weather, we’d love to see them.

Sustainable Farming

A dry run from hell: Drought hits the smallest farms the hardest

This drought will give small Midwestern farmers lots of practice coping with climate change -- if it doesn’t bankrupt them first.

Climate Change

More bad drought news: Drought makes hotter temperatures more likely

As we prepare to switch over to reporting on nothing but drought news, yet another story about how the bad drought is making things worse.

Climate Change

People who don’t accept climate change also don’t accept that it’s hot

If you want people to accept climate change because it's hot outside, first you have to get them to accept that it's hot outside.

Climate Change

Hot out? Guess that means that everyone believes in climate change again

Well, not everyone. But maybe enough to sway Congress if we make a few adjustments.

‘Climategate’ investigation winds down with a whimper

If you are really, really into the nuances of the fake Climategate scandal, you'll love this post.

How’s the weather, America? July 18 edition

Once again, there's so much terrible weather news that we cram it all into one post.