Climate Change

Climate Change

(Koch-funded) scientist changes opinion, finds warming due to humans (including Kochs)

Richard Muller, a long-time climate-change denier, did a big study of his own and found the same thing everyone else has: Humans are causing climate change.


As temperatures rise, cities are getting hotter, faster

The urban heat island effect is increasing in many American cities.

Climate Change

Extreme summer storms could tear us a new ozone hole

Strong thunderstorms may send moisture high into the atmosphere, where it combines with remaining CFCs to break down protective ozone gas.

Climate Change

The West in flames: Get used to it

Look at the fires that have raged this year in Colorado and New Mexico, and you're seeing not a "perfect storm" of temporary conditions, but evidence of the new normal in the American West.

Climate Change

The biggest news story of our dystopian future

Ruben Bolling’s latest “Tom the Dancing Bug” strip envisions the newsreel of a climate-changed future. Here’s a teaser: The rest is after the jump (click to embiggen).

Climate Change

At least 70 percent of Arctic ice loss is due to climate change

And perhaps as much as 95 percent, according to a new computer model.

Climate Change

William Gibson explains why global warming will make your grandkids hate you

Science fiction author William Gibson, who knows from the future (he’s the guy who invented the word “cyberspace,” in 1982 mind you), explained yesterday on Twitter that he’s concerned our descendants will hate us.


Which foods will cost more because of the drought?

Consumers can expect the worst U.S. drought in 50 years to cast a shadow across food prices throughout 2013. They're increasing at a rate well above normal.


America supports helping farmers adapt to climate change because obviously

Thought we fully expect support to plummet once it rains or becomes winter.