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Europe goes crazy for coal — and we can blame ourselves

A spike in coal usage in the Old World is bad news. Blame America.

Climate Change

Journalists and climate disclaimers

When journalists cover extreme weather and climate change, they often include disclaimers about how no one event can be definitively blamed on climate change. Stop it, already.

Climate Change

Top U.S. science official: ‘Climate change is having consequences in real time’

Jane Lubchenco, head of NOAA, said Americans are connecting the dots between climate change and recent severe weather. When will political leaders make the issue a priority?

Climate Change

Warming waters pose a huge threat to the world’s coral

Coral reefs will likely be devastated by climate change-related ocean warming, according to a new study. But the good news is that they've demonstrated their resiliency in the past.

How’s the weather, America? July 5, 2012 edition

Fires, heat waves, impaired fishing. Same old, same old.

Climate Change

Staggering video of a family returning to their destroyed home after Colorado fires

“I’m convinced that this planet is warming and that this is part of the result of that,” says Colorado wildfire victim Hani Ahmad while looking at the ruins of his house. “The West is a …

Climate Change

What can our protected places teach us about saving the Arctic?

Protecting the Arctic is one of the great environmental challenges of our age. What lessons can we learn from earlier generations who won protection for the national parks we enjoy today?

Climate Change

Radiohead, Jude Law, and Greenpeace make a sad, sad polar bear video

Here are so many things that we like, all in one place.

Climate Change

Three ways robots can help us deal with environmental catastrophes

Since natural disasters will only increase as the planet warms, engineers are focusing on how to use robots and other mechanical gadgets to aid in disaster response.