Climate Change

Climate Change

Buddhist wisdom for the green soul [VIDEO]

Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh talks with Canadian enviro David Suzuki on why maintaining inner peace is vital to fighting the world's climate woes.

Critical List: New York AG going after natural gas companies; species move one mile north each year

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed three energy companies as part of an investigation into natural gas production estimates. If rats could abandon Ship Earth, they would right about now. Instead, species in the …

Climate Change

The first rule of talking about extreme weather

Bringing up the connection between weather and climate change takes a problem of astronomical proportions and makes it far more concrete.

Climate Change

Rick Perry on climate change and Texas agriculture: 'We'll be fine'

It's just a bad year for the crops, the Texas governor assures farmers. What will he tell them in 2050, when his whole state could be a barren desert?

Fossil Fuels

Mark Ruffalo wants you to fight the tar sands

Actor Mark Ruffalo explains why you should join him and thousands of others in protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 20.

Climate Change

Record heat causes nation's water pipes to 'burst like geysers'

The EPA helps towns with infrastructure upgrades that can prevent the problem. Too bad politicians in Texas want to shut the agency down.

Climate Skeptics

Rick Perry thinks Texas climate scientists are in a 'secular carbon cult'

The Texas governor still refuses to drink the climate science Kool-Aid, no matter how many Texas scientists try to make him see the light (and feel the heat).

Climate Change

Raging storms, rising seas swell ranks of climate refugees

The last decade's destructive storms are a warning: If we can't stabilize the climate, more damage, displacement, and loss lies in the decades ahead.

Call to action: Stop the environment

Are you kidding me with this? Two former members of The State AND Deputy Hawk getting all Modest Proposal on climate change? Shut down the internet, please, I want to go out on a high …