Q. Got an email from a company called Arcadia Power. They say they can source my energy such that it comes from renewables, then pay my energy bill for me. Can they do this? Is my money safe with them? Won’t my municipally owned power company be upset? I would love to make the switch, but I want to be sure this is legit. 

Margarita M.
San Antonio

A. Dearest Margarita,

Kudos for setting a prime example in savvy consumerism. If everybody applied this scrutiny to every product promising miracle weight loss, get-rich-quick results, or the kind of unmentionable claims that populate my spam folder, we’d all be happier (and have a few more bucks in our pockets). In fact, from now on, let’s all take a step back and ask ourselves, “Wait, they’re doing what with my money?” before whipping out our wallets.