Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

McKibben to Obama: We can’t negotiate over the physics of climate change

Notes on the dangerous difference between science and political science.

Climate & Energy

General Mills pledges $100 million to combat climate change

Climate change is bad for business, says the food giant.

Climate & Energy

Obama goes on climate tour in Alaska, gets called massive hypocrite

The president plans to see the effects of global warming and bro down with Bear Grylls. Busy week.


Obama announces Denali name change. Ohio Republicans freak out

The change makes a lot of sense, but Ohio Republicans are condemning the decision.


John Kerry delivers remarks at Arctic conference

The secretary of state spoke at GLACIER in Anchorage, Alaska, at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Business & Technology

In Appalachia, the coal industry is in collapse, but the mountains aren’t coming back

In the first half of this year, at least six domestic coal companies filed for bankruptcy.


Jeb Bush once tried to house Katrina victims on cruise ships

While Bush is praised for his response to Hurricane Katrina victims in Florida, no one is talking about his Carnival Cruise boondoggle.


What the climate movement can learn from the war on smoking

If you want to change the culture, you have to get your message spread by "trusted advisers." Then get them to repeat themselves a lot.


Low-income, black women largely ignored in Katrina recovery

Ten years later, some women say they feel like they were better off before the storm.