Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Turns out Osama bin Laden had some strong opinions on climate change

Read what bin Laden had to say about global warming and Pakistan.

Climate & Energy

Obama: Climate change poses “immediate risk” to national security

In a commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy, the president told cadets they'll be responding to climate change throughout their careers.

Climate & Energy

Spin some Fatboy Slim while checking out this retro climate model

Watch one of the first climate models in action.


The White House is buzzing with plans to save the bees

The Obama administration just released a 10-year plan to grow monarch butterfly and bee populations.

Climate & Energy

The developing world is beating the U.S. at clean energy

Developing countries are poised to lead the world on clean energy investment.

Climate & Energy

Look forward to a sweaty future, America, thanks to climate change

There's a lot of bodily moisture in the cards as parts of the U.S. get warmer, and more people choose to move to those parts of the country.

Climate & Energy

7 reasons why America needs to get tough on smog

Big Oil has launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign arguing we don't need and can’t afford strong limits on ozone pollution. They're wrong.

Climate & Energy

I kayaked to Shell and back. Here’s what I learned

The personal met the political in Seattle's Elliott Bay.

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Activists blockade Seattle port to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling plans

Protesters left their kayaks behind and took to the streets to prevent workers from reaching Shell's Polar Pioneer rig, which arrived in the city last week.