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Oil and gas workers are 5 times more likely to die on the job

The industry carved out special exemptions from federal safety regulations, and workers are paying for it.

Climate & Energy

Could a giant umbrella made of tiny robots save us from climate chaos?

One scientist is pushing this geoengineering idea.

Pour one out

We just lost another critical climate satellite

These NASA satellites are some of our best tools for understanding climate change, and there's no plan to replace them.

Climate & Energy

Washington state will vote on a carbon tax this fall — but it’s complicated

The ballot initiative sparked a debate over what's better: a carbon tax or cap-and-trade.


Captain Kirk: Climate change is the biggest threat to Earth

According to William Shatner, “the future is filled with dread."


Climate denial doesn’t totally suck in Northeast primary states

A small majority of Northeast residents embraces the scientific consensus.

Climate & Energy

“Keystone-ization” is the fossil fuel industry’s new nightmare

Does the growing file of scrapped pipeline plans forecast our energy future? Here’s hoping!

Business & Technology

You’re more likely to see an oil industry ad than a climate report on CNN

The network recently aired nearly five times more fossil fuel ads than climate coverage.

in hot water

Coral bleaching has swept 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef

This is the biggest disaster to hit the iconic reef, and we're not out of hot water yet.