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Climate Climate & Energy


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed one of the nation’s most ambitious state-level clean energy plans into law on Wednesday. 

“​​After years of debate and discussion, science has prevailed, and we are charting a new future that works to mitigate the impacts of climate change here in Illinois,” Pritzker said in a statement.

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, or SB 2408, puts Illinois on track for a carbon-free power sector by 2045 and 100 percent clean energy by 2050. It includes equity and electric transportation provisions, holds utilities accountable, and increases funding for renewables. The legislation makes Illinois the first Midwest state to require a carbon-free future, joining California, Hawaii, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, and Washington. 

Jeff Deyette, the director of state policy and analysis for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Climate and Energy program, said the bill is unique because it goes beyond clean energy targets by centering communities and people in a way that other states’ commitments haven’t. 

“This could serve as a catalyst to Congress, to show there’s an urgency here to act,” said ... Read more

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