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Buildings, particularly older ones and those with poor energy efficiency, account for 31 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond contributing to the climate crisis, these structures can saddle their occupants with high utility bills, further burdening those with low incomes.

On Thursday, the U.S. Climate Alliance, an association of 25 governors of states accounting for half of the country’s population, announced a major move to reduce those emissions, cut utility bills, and create jobs. Beyond committing to emissions reduction targets including achieving zero-emission new construction, they promised a four-fold increase in the number of buildings using heat pumps.  

Achieving that goal means installing 20 million of the devices by 2030 — a tall order indeed. What’s more, the alliance pledged to guide 40 percent of them into disadvantaged communities. 

Each state in the coalition has a unique set of goals and tasks ahead to reach the heat pump target. For instance, 10 states, including California,... Read more

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