Climate Skeptics

Climate Skeptics

The 'radical' faces of climate change

Another tactic for dealing with climate skeptics is to point out the many well-respected, decidedly non-radical institutions that take science seriously.

Climate convert says deniers are dumb

In a beautifully written post on Climate Crocks, former skeptic D.R. Tucker illuminates the way that far-right climate change denialism encourages and feeds off of science-phobia. Tucker is clearly far from stupid, but he wonders if stupidity is a required characteristic for climate change denial -- not because there's really an IQ requirement, but because denialists glorify ignorance and roll their eyes at complexity. That's appealing to dumb people, surely. But it's also appealing to people who lack for good science education or who think they're dumb at science, and who feel disadvantaged and judged because of it. Climate deniers like Rush Limbaugh make them feel like that's an asset, not a flaw.

Climate Skeptics

Conservative pundits grapple with 'anti-science' charge, flail

Conservatives are trying to defend their movement against the charge that Republicans are "anti-science." They started off badly and are getting worse.

Fox News viewers 'confused' by Bill Nye, science in general

Watch the latest video at You'd think Fox News would already be mildly embarrassed by the fact that their outside consultant on science is the host of a children's program. ("And now, to discuss transportation infrastructure, Mr. Rogers!") But what's even more embarrassing is the fact that they can't understand a word he's saying, and they readily admit it.

Critical List: Gore analogizes skeptics to racists; why Irene calmed down

According to Al Gore, climate skeptics are the new racists: they say crazy things in casual conversation that others let slide -- for now. Here’s why Irene gave NYC a break. NASA scientist James Hansen is planning to be arrested today at the Keystone XL protest. He told Climatewire that if President Obama approves the pipeline, he "was just greenwashing all along, like the other well-oiled coal-fired politicians."

Texas likely to have multi-year drought; Rick Perry likely to deny its cause

Texas' over-the-top, economically devastating, record-breaking drought is likely to turn into a grinding, multi-year drought, reports Kate Galbraith in the Texas Tribune. That could put it on track to compete with the state's worst-ever dry spell in the 1950s, which in turn can barely compete with the prehistoric mega-droughts Texas used to experience. In other words, Texas is a dry state with a delicate climate, and climate change is only going to make things worse.

Fox News accidentally acknowledges the facts on global warming

Earthquake, hurricane, Fox acknowledging the existence of climate change: This is definitely the End Times. Fox & Friends -- you know, the same show where people were just freaking about SpongeBob SquarePants indoctrinating children to be global warming zealots -- have acknowledged that when Jon Huntsman says that climate change exists, the facts are on his side.

Critical List: Climategate scientist cleared; Halliburton exec drinks fracking fluid

The National Science Foundation found Michael Mann, a scientist at the center of Climategate, did nothing wrong. You don’t say. Ford and Toyota are going to be working together on technology for hybrid trucks and SUVs. Apparently Michele Bachmann wants to the United States to become an Iran-like state where oil is government-subsidized. How else to explain her continued, irrational insistence that gas will be $2 per gallon during her presidency?

Climate Change

Why isn't the climate left stronger?

Chris Mooney has an amusing reply to my piece on conservative white males (CWM) and the politics of climate. He notes that liberal psychology tends to be the inverse of CWM psychology, in ways that pose considerable political challenges.