Climate Skeptics

Nine of the 10 loudest climate-denying scientists tied to Exxon

Climate change deniers like to point out that they have scientists on their side, too. But an analysis of more than 900 papers supporting climate skepticism showed that about 20 percent of those papers came from the same 10 scientists, and nine of them, according to The Carbon Brief, have ties to ExxonMobil. Eight of the scientists were directly connected to organizations that took money from Exxon, and one other only showed up on papers written with an Exxon-affiliated scientist. Only one of those 10 could claim to be independent of the oil giant. (He or she probably had other …

It’s almost summer, we can start believing in climate change again

It's common knowledge that global warming deniers are prone to confusing climate with weather, as in this video that we posted last year but which I am embedding anyway because it's awesome. But a study in this month's Psychological Science confirms that your average schmo is more likely to believe in global climate change on unseasonably warm days than unseasonably cold ones. That's true even after controlling for political affiliation — Democrats were more likely to believe in climate change, but the weather had an effect nearly two-thirds as strong as preexisting political commitments. "It is striking that society has …

Awesome video shows us what the messaging on climate and clean energy must become

Holy hickory-smoked pole beans, did you just see that? That's what happens when the messaging on climate shifts from scare tactics — which studies show only work on about 10 percent of the population — to a totally honest, positive but not Pollyanna-ish attempt to get people excited about real change. Carbon Nation is the logical next step after An Inconvenient Truth: We know there's a problem; now, how do we get everyone to do something about it?  Carbon Nation also, not incidentally, sidesteps the issue of whether or not you believe in climate change. I don't think it's ever …

Election 2012

Ron Paul hates energy subsidies, doubts climate change, and loves riding his bike

No war for oil, and no action for climate, says Ron Paul.Photo: Gage SkidmoreRon Paul kicked off his presidential bid on Tuesday, in the customary loosey-goosey exploratory-committee way. As standard-bearer for the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, the U.S. rep from southeast Texas has a small but diehard following. His fans will make some racket in conservative circles, as during his 2008 run, and he still won’t have a chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination, as during his 2008 run.  Paul’s government-can-do-no-right philosophy leads him to oppose energy and farm subsidies — something many green-minded people can …

Climate Change

Open letter to a conservative climate change convert

Mr. Tucker, Your story about transitioning from climate skepticism to climate realism has gotten quite a bit of attention and interest among folks on “my side” of that debate, as you can imagine. I had wondered if it were still possible for people to be “defeated by facts” and change their minds about issues tangled in America’s contentious partisan warfare. I don’t know your whole story, but if that’s what you’ve done, you’re to be commended. Intellectual self-discipline and courage are rare in U.S. politics these days. I write not only to thank you, but to encourage you to keep …

Climate Change

This is what a Power Shift looks like [SLIDESHOW]

Thousands of young climate activists descended on Washington, D.C., over the weekend for the third biennial Power Shift conference. Then on Monday they took their message to the streets and the president’s doorstep. Check out these photos by Jay Mallin to get a sense of what went down. Photo: Jay Mallin The Power Shift crowd protests outside the White House on Monday. On Friday, a few of the activists got to take their message inside the White House and meet with President Obama.

Climate Change

Bill McKibben’s must-watch speech at Power Shift

Bill McKibben gave a fiery speech to young climate activists Saturday night at Power Shift 2011. Here’s the video and transcript: All right, listen up. Very few people can ever say that they are in the single most important place they could possibly be, doing the single most important thing they could possibly be doing. That’s you, here, now. You are the movement that we need if we are going to win in the few years that we have. You have the skills now. You are making the connections. And there is no one else. It is you. That is …

Election 2012

Mitch Daniels has quacky climate views a la Michael Crichton

Mitch Daniels takes on the “climate change theocracy”Photo: Indiana Public MediaIndiana Gov. Mitch Daniels says he’ll decide by April 29 whether to run for the Republican presidential nomination. While he’s pondering his prospects, let us ponder his views on climate change. Turns out they’re a lot weirder than you thought. It’s well-known that Daniels has voiced skepticism about climate science and bashed cap-and-trade. But in a little-noticed May 2009 speech, he went further — warning of fatwas issued by the “climate change theocracy,” claiming that discussion of climate science has been dominated by “the University of Hollywood and the P.C. …

Even Osama bin Laden thinks we need to do something about climate change

You’d think people who are willing to blow themselves up any day now wouldn’t worry too hard about the future of the planet. But as it turns out, it really isn’t possible to get MORE cynical about the future than a congressional Republican — even if you’re an Islamic militant. Last October, Hezbollah guerilla chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah told reporters that "the climate threat today is among the biggest threats faced by mankind in (terms of) its peace, security, stability and existence," Reuters reported after Nasrallah attended a tree-planting event in Lebanon. When massive floods inundated Pakistan last year, Osama …

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