Teenage Afghan whistleblower has a lot to teach us about mine safety

The coal industry is dirty, dangerous, and not going anywhere for a while. At the very least, it could be safer -- but it's up to us to see that it is.


Coal: Unpopular

At it's not just us. It's the marketplace, too.


Patriot Coal files for bankruptcy

The company cites the coal industry's "major transformation" in a public statement.

Black lung disease, once on the brink of extinction, is back. Thank the coal industry

A new report from NPR and the Center for Public Integrity finds that an affliction once nearly eradicated is back – and more dangerous than ever.

Climate & Energy

Europe goes crazy for coal — and we can blame ourselves

A spike in coal usage in the Old World is bad news. Blame America.

Climate & Energy

New York says eff you to coal plants

It will soon be nearly impossible to build a coal-fired power plant in New York, thanks to state regulators.

Climate & Energy

Good news about fossil fuels! Related: Bad news about fossil fuels!

You will basically be rewarded for not reading this post to the end.

Coal plants are the VHS tapes of the energy production flea market

In the sense that no one wants them.


Enough cheap coal: Using public lands for the public interest

Instead of auctioning federal land to coal companies, what if we used these taxpayer-owned spaces for something in the public interest -- like renewable power generation?

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