Mountaintop-removal mining contaminated up to 22% of streams in southern West Va.

A mining area of 600 square miles has polluted as much as 1,700 miles of streams.

Today in coal: Americans hate it, India hates it, Siberia hates it

You hate it. I hate it. We all hate it for ... ice ... cream. (Oops, that didn't work.)

Coal company changes its mind about sworn testimony, decides a big pile of coal ash outside is just fine

Prairie State does a little tiptoe around democracy and its promises about coal-ash disposal.

We’re ripping up our mountains to ship coal overseas. Maybe we shouldn’t?

New research demonstrates the scale of American coal exports and the cost we pay. Happily, we're not entirely powerless.

A tragicomic tale of coal industry incompetence and disregard

Watch, as the operators of the Reid Gardner coal plant in Nevada are asked about coal ash and reveal astonishing levels of both insensitivity and incompetence.

GOP tries to block black-lung protections. Big Tobacco would be proud

As always, Big Tobacco leads the way in developing innovative arguments about why their profits are more important than the people they kill.

China’s per-person carbon emissions rival Europe’s, but U.S. is still on top

In the great Olympics of global warming, we're still taking home the gold.

Teenage Afghan whistleblower has a lot to teach us about mine safety

The coal industry is dirty, dangerous, and not going anywhere for a while. At the very least, it could be safer -- but it's up to us to see that it is.

Coal: Unpopular

At it's not just us. It's the marketplace, too.