Business & Technology

Coal companies routinely win ‘competitive bids’ against no competition

These government-run auctions have cost taxpayers almost a billion dollars a year over the past three decades.


How Peabody gets dirt-cheap land and the rest of us get a gigaton of carbon pollution

In the Bureau of Land Management's corrupt coal-leasing program, taxpayer-owned land is leased at "auctions" where companies like Peabody are often the only bidder.


Romney opposes mercury rule, beclowns himself again

Let's take a minute to mock the Romney campaign's stance on mercury and other toxic power plant emissions.


EPA to consider whether Alabama landfill violates community’s civil rights

The complaint, filed by residents of a predominantly African-American community, argues that the landfill is a discriminatory violation of the Civil Rights Act.


Will the Senate make you inhale mercury? We find out today

The Senate is set to vote on a new regulation from the EPA. What does it all mean? We answer your questions.


Miner fired for whistleblowing gets his job back

A court found that Arch Coal had discriminated against Charles Scott Howard for his work exposing the company's safety issues.

Climate & Energy

Why the power industry is running away from coal

The market for coal is drying up nearly as rapidly as the seams in Appalachia.


Mayors: We’d appreciate it if coal plants stopped poisoning people with mercury, thanks

Over 90 mayors from several dozen states politely ask the EPA to hurry up and get rid of power plant mercury. If only it were so easy.

Climate & Energy

Energy companies, seeing a greener future, are losing their faith in coal

Utility executives may finally be realizing that coal's days are numbered, a new survey suggests. Already!