Chicago goes coal-free

Activists have succeeded in getting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to shut down the city’s two coal plants — one of them by the end of the year. That doesn’t mean the city is off coal power entirely, of course, but …

Fossil Fuels

Time for an oil change: Americans strongly oppose fossil fuel subsidies

A Yale poll found that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to oil, coal, and gas subsidies.

Election 2012

Crazy talk: Rick Santorum out-denies the climate deniers and spins eco-conspiracy theories

Rick Santorum is way crazy when it comes to environmental issues -- so crazy he makes Newt Gingrich's moon-colony plans sound plausible, and Mitt Romney's climate flip-floppery look presidential.


Say it ain’t Kosovo: U.S. State Dept. pushes coal in Eastern Europe

Why is the State Department ignoring climate change and pressuring the World Bank to approve loans for a giant coal-fired power plant in Kosovo?


Why is the State Dept. pushing coal on a tiny Eastern European country?

State and the World Bank are pushing a plan to open a heavily polluting coal plant in Kosovo -- saddling the struggling country with debt and producing much more power than it even needs.


U.S. government downgrades projections for coal. Again.

Coal generation keeps falling faster than government predictions, which don't even account for other factors affecting its decline. Could the reign of coal finally be over?


Picturing international coal trends

Four images of coal production and consumption over the past three decades shows that trends in Asia drive trends worldwide.


Why railroads care about coal exports

U.S. rail haul more coal than they do any other commodity. It's no wonder, then, that with domestic coal use declining, railways support coal exports.

Business & Technology

Coal-burning energy company demands more regulation

Baltimore company Constellation Energy has retrofitted two coal-burning power plants in anticipation of new EPA emissions laws. Now a lawsuit has delayed the new regulations from being enacted, and Constellation is pissed; if they're going to shell out $885 million …