Energy Policy

California dreamin'

California has a lot of kinks to work out on its ambitious new climate goal.

Just saying you'll cut a ton of emissions won't cut it.

Conservative think tank hosts discussion on cap-and-trade. Is it Friday the 13th?

It is! But the American Enterprise Institute-led discussion around an increase in the cost of carbon pollution happened earlier this week.

Which is scarier: A drone overhead or an unregulated dump next door?

If you chose (b), You might want to move more than 100 miles from the U.S. border.

Yes, the economy could soon run on (mostly) renewable power

A study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates that an energy mix that is 80 percent renewable in 2050 could operate fine. If only we had the will to create it.

New York court backs greenhouse gas initiative, draws Sauron’s eye

And by Sauron, we mean an enormously powerful actor that holds the world in the grip of its wizened hand. The Kochs.

Why climate polls don’t mean much

People involved in climate politics are always using polls to show that the public supports their policy positions. But polls actually tell us very little about how politics will play out in the real world.

Me, on the radio, talking about military ‘greening’

I was on Sea Change Radio last week to talk about the military’s efforts to use less oil — and Republicans’ efforts to stop them. It’s a long bit, nice and meaty at about a half hour, so put it …

Protests temporarily delay opening Alabama forests to drilling

Key word there: temporarily.

Lay off the Konarka: Dem energy message risks defeating Dem energy message

The Democrats' "all of the above" energy message is an effective one. Their "Romney backed a solar clunker too" message is not.