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Non-hippies finally realize buying vintage could save the planet

It’s easy to get insulated with green-talk, so it's awesome when Normal People start taking note.

Climate & Energy

Billions of barrels of new reasons to not frack California

Fracking opponents are seizing on news that California shale deposits may contain 96 percent less recoverable oil than previously estimated.


These are the states where climate hawk Tom Steyer will wage political war

Steyer's super PAC plans to spend $100 million on races in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Climate & Energy

Pope Francis continues being awesome, says Christians should fight climate change

Next we’ll hear he’s doing shots of communion wine with Bill Nye.


Get mom to smash your iPhone? Thanks to PETA, there’s an app for that

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it's created an app that'll make your neighborhood supermarket smell like a slaughterhouse. Winning!


Go ahead: Ignore the “latest studies” and savor that chocolate

In picking our diets, we pay far too much attention to basic research into phenomena we barely understand -- and not enough heed to our own senses.


The EPA attempts CPR on its own Civil Rights Act enforcement

The agency has a history of mishandling civil rights cases. New reforms aim to change that, but recent actions don’t inspire confidence.


Don’t worry about that oil spill, congressman says — we’ve got duct tape

The Republican from Louisiana, who went to the same engineering school as Wile E. Coyote, went on to talk about his plan to patch the Titanic with bubble gum.


Ask Umbra: Are dogs born to poop wild?

A reader wonders if he can leave his pup's poop on the nature trail. Umbra digs up the evidence.

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