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France surrenders to practicality, pays people to bike

French commuters will rack up approximately 55 cents per mile on the way to and from work.


Want to build a tiny house with your boo? The TINY couple has tips for you

We talked to the very amicable exes about what it’s like to build – and live in – a tiny house when your construction partner is also your S.O.

Climate & Energy

Dead heat: Climate change brings killer heat waves

This comic explores how climate change will increase heat-related deaths across the U.S.


Republicans are claiming the new climate rules will wreck the economy. They’re wrong

With every new environmental regulation, there are cries of economic disaster. But those disasters never actually happen.

Newly discovered (and already endangered) cavefish has an anus near its head

How’s that for putting the ick in ichthyology?


This pedal-powered wienermobile puts the joy in your morning commute

The velomobile is fast enough to keep up with traffic, and bonus, it's shaped like a big yellow penis.

Climate & Energy

The nine things you need to know about Obama’s new climate rules

So what's the deal with these EPA power plant regulations everyone is talking about? Here's what you need to know.

Climate & Energy

Obama takes his boldest step ever to fight climate change

The EPA is rolling out an ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Climate & Energy

Cow causes oily spill; energy companies ruminate over whether to cow-proof facilities

A cow in North Dakota rubbed up against a tank valve, probably while scratching an itch, and triggered a spill of natural gas condensate.

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