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Bark beetles are killing forests — but they might be saving them, too

They gobble up trees and send politicians into a frenzy. But do the bugs know more about climate change than we do?

mass sad events

From sea lions to penguin chicks, adorable animals are dying in droves

"Mass mortality events" are already a thing, and climate change is only going to make them worse. Grab some tissues.

Climate & Energy

7 ways to talk about climate impacts with just about anyone (yes, even Republicans!)

Bonus: You might not even have to mention the word "climate."


Why are Americans more afraid of ISIS than racism and climate change?

Concerns about race relations spiked last year, according to Gallup -- but now they're vying with climate change for last place on Americans' list of anxieties.

Climate & Energy

Obama admin’s new fracking rules are just too weak, enviros say

The regulations are particularly feeble when it comes to making companies disclose the chemicals they use in the fracking process.

Climate & Energy

The Guardian declares war on climate change

If the British newspaper's new angle on climate coverage sounds like straight-up activism, that's because it is.


Overfishing sucks — but this VICE documentary about it is pretty good

If this brutal exposé of shark finning and dynamite fishing makes you hungry, something is seriously wrong with you.

Filthy lucre

Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe sells his soul to Big Coal, makes terrible arguments

Tribe, a long-time Obama advisor and liberal in good standing, is taking Peabody Coal money to testify against the EPA's power plant regulations. And his arguments suck.

Climate & Energy

The Obama admin is finally going to green up its fossil fuel leasing, but how much?

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell made noises about reforming oil, gas, and coal leasing, but don’t hold your breath for dramatic change.