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Russian outfit plans to spend $25 million to secretly study GMOs

The world could use more studies of GMO crops and health. But if they're going to make any headway, they'll need to be a lot more open.


Is there such a thing as a green snowblower?

A reader needs help clearing her driveway. Umbra digs deep for an answer.

Climate & Energy

Balmy or blizzards? U.S. coasts are experiencing opposite winters

The recent bout of winter weather has painted the middle of the country and the East Coast in white, while the West has been downright hot.

Climate & Energy

Here’s why climate advocates should love Obama’s community college plan

Community colleges are training students for green jobs, creating living laboratories for sustainability, and serving as safe havens during disasters.

Business & Technology

Scientists want to turn your old sandwich into an indestructible wonder material

Your food waste could be used to make tougher solar panels, better batteries, sustainable condoms, and more.

Climate & Energy

We just had a very hot January

The warmth that led 2014 to become the hottest year on record has continued into 2015.

Climate & Energy

How Michele Bachmann’s lies inspired

On the Inquiring Minds podcast, Factcheck's Kathleen Hall Jamieson discusses their new initiative to debunk politicians' science lies.


Meet the latest threat to your community: Miniature libraries

Little Free Libraries are threatened by a movement to block their construction.

Since Keystone is stalled out ...

TransCanada has big new plans for moving oil around, and you won’t like them

The company behind the long-stalled Keystone project wants to build a big new cross-border pipeline and get into the oil-train business.