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You kids get off my sidewalk: Baby boomers want walkable cities, too

In a heart-warming juncture between millennial ideology and baby-boomer practicality, AARP is campaigning for more walkable cities.


When Republicans say crazy sh*t, it ought to matter

Soon-to-be Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst believes in Agenda 21 conspiracy theories and wants to totally shut down the EPA, and the mainstream media thinks that's not worth mentioning.

Climate & Energy

3,500 voters in North Dakota could put the brakes on huge fracking boom

Voters on a small Native American reservation are choosing between two candidates who want to crack down on the oil industry.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands industry loses $17.1 billion thanks to public opposition

A new report spells out the financial costs of the public opposition to tar-sands development.

Climate & Energy

The Tom Steyer campaigns you haven’t heard about yet

The political moneyman and climate activist is spending big to put Democrats in control of key state legislatures.


In Richmond, Calif., it’s Chevron’s $3 million vs. a green slate

A refinery town's reputation as an environmental-justice pioneer is in peril, thanks to a pile of oil money and a torrent of negative ads.


Is snacking on a scorpion sexy?

Enter SexyFood, a French startup that's trying to get you to eat bugs -- hopefully with more success than we've ever had.

Climate & Energy

We pay inmates $3 a day to fight California wildfires

The program is sold as a way to teach criminals the virtue of hard work. But who are the real criminals here?

Oliver, Clothes Off

John Oliver takes on ALEC, state legislatures, and (we hope) a threesome with us and Jon Stewart

John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" shreds ALEC and the ridiculous politicians who support their shite-for-the-climate policies.

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