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Why Baltimore is fighting for its life, again

A longtime local reflects on the raggedy pleasures of life in Charm City, aka Mobtown, and the tenacity of the people who live there.


This activist is bringing Kentucky’s hot food scene to a tray near you

Sarah Fritschner is leading a farm-to-cafeteria movement in Kentucky.


This is why we’re still talking about sexism in science

Upon submitting a paper for acceptance to PLOS (Public Library of Science), two female scientists were essentially told: "Needs more dudes."


Mopey English singer Morrissey picks a fight with Al Gore

The former Smiths frontman wrote an open letter to the former veep demanding that Live Earth go vegan.


Bernie Sanders swoops into presidential race with high climate-hawk ranking

A new ranking of U.S. senators based on their climate activism puts presidential candidate Bernie Sanders among the top "climate hawks."


When I eat honey, do I hurt bees?

A reader wonders if she should avoid using beeswax, royal jelly, and honey. Umbra's answer is sweet.

Climate & Energy

Break-up of the century: U.S. emissions and economic growth are really, finally separating

As the U.S. embraces energy efficiency and renewables, economic growth is now rising much faster than greenhouse gas emissions.


The most (and least) polluted cities in America

The American Lung Association ranked cities according to their air pollution. Here’s the good news, and the bad.


Watch this Kansas farm beat the market with the honor system (and a llama)

JaKo Farm avoids the farmers market by selling their products through an on-farm store -- and it's paying off.