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Use It or Lose It

The wild West of drought, crazy water rules, and cattle ranchers

The West might be drier than a popcorn's fart, but archaic water rules force farmers to irrigate.


13 cities that have priced out millenials from buying a home

Hey snake person, want to live in New York City? Or worse, San Francisco? Fuggedaboutit.


Lots of crazy claims about soda taxes. Which panned out?

Now that the experiment with taxing sugary drinks is underway, we look at which arguments by backers and opponents have come true -- and which were hot air.


Think Detroit has it rough now? Just wait ‘til climate change gets ahold of it

But there are lots of things the city can do to prepare.


Somehow, Seattle musicians are still killing it

Watch us chat with Tacocat, the palindromic stars of Seattle's music scene, about feminist punk, public transit, and Macklemore.


Could pesky children be the solution to climate change?

A British economist-baron argues that the persuasive powers children hold over their progenitors could be our secret weapon in fighting global warming.

Climate & Energy

This is crazy, but we actually have good news about climate change

A new study suggests we have a fighting chance to avoid catastrophic warming.

how 'bout them (old) apples?

RIP, obsolete gadget you once thought would change your life

Instead of fawning over new Apple gadgets, take a tour through this house full of old ones.


California drought’s latest victim? Pro sports

Thanks to record-breaking drought, maintaining healthy turf without wasting loads of water is becoming a major challenge across the Golden State.