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Goat Samaritans

Hungry goats might be saving the Bay Area from wildfires

These hoofed heroes like to graze on dry brush, which, if left unconsumed, could contribute to the spread of fires. Unfortunately, the goats are in short supply.


Chef Dan Barber on the farm-to-table movement’s next steps

The Blue Hill chef talks his new book, why tomatoes are the Hummers of the veggie world, and how soil is constantly talking to us.

Climate & Energy

Climate CoLab thinks you could be the one to fix global warming

In the absence of leaders paving the way forward against climate change, this group thinks we should turn to the crowds.

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can't lose

Michelle Obama’s food fight with GOP: Schools just want to have funds

Politicians fighting over funding for school lunches are lurching toward loosening rules when they should really get serious about boosting funding.

roll models

Mentoring girls through cycling will melt your dry, crusty heart

Not to get all Oprah, but cycling can help girls deal with stress, learn to challenge themselves, and see their bodies as powerful, not ornamental.

Climate & Energy

Koch brothers get rolling on their first tar-sands project

What, did you think that the Kochs were going to turn their massive tar-sands holdings into a nature preserve?

Climate & Energy

Forget saving the planet, driving an electric car will save your life

If you want to sell the climate change fight, make it about personal health.

Climate & Energy

This poem about air actually gets rid of pollution

Most poems about the environment suck. “In Praise of Air” is no exception -- it sucks nitrogen oxide!


Watch this Austrian farmer’s awesome rant about milk vs. Red Bull

In case you weren’t convinced, Hons smashes a can of Red Bull and says, “NOW where are your wings?”

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