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Houston’s one-bin-to-rule-them-all recycling plan smells a little like racism

The plan would leave the sorting of trash from recycling to workers in nasty plants, mostly in black or Latino communities. Some of that trash would then be burned.

Climate & Energy

In Iowa, solar is fighting back against utilities and winning

A court ruling opens the way for a method of financing solar installation that customers like -- and utilities fear.


Wasting water in California will now cost you $500

After calls for voluntary conservation didn't work, the drought-stricken state is cracking down on profligate water use.


Sean Parker backs San Francisco’s “cars first” measure, twirls moustache

The moneybags tech mogul wants parking to be cheaper and the city to put drivers' needs ahead of everyone else's.

Business & Technology

Nestlé doesn’t want you to know how much water it’s bottling from the California desert

As California grapples with drought, the world's biggest food company gets away with carting off its water.

Business & Technology

You know what this threatened Florida forest needs? A Walmart and a Chick-fil-A

Those imperiled indigo snakes and bonneted bats are really just looking for fast food and cheap junk from China.

Get a Kick Out of Recycling

Now that you don’t care about soccer, here’s how you can recycle your World Cup gear

Before you ditch that impulse-buy Neymar jersey, peep this clip from the UCB comedy troupe.

Business & Technology

This cute solar puppy needs a name. Won’t you help?

This pup protects the sheep that do the groundskeeping at a Texas solar farm. What should they call him?

Business as usual

Corporate polluters are almost never prosecuted for their crimes

Budget cuts at federal agencies are helping companies get away with more than 99 percent of the environmental crimes the government knows about.

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