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Climate & Energy

Time to march for the climate, then “Shmoney dance to the polls”

Climate justice leader Kari Fulton says the march in New York City this weekend is just the beginning.

Sea stars

Where are the ocean heroes of our childhood now? All washed up

Not unlike Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus, these sea stars get distinctly less Disney-approved when the franchise ends.

Climate & Energy

Antarctic sea ice hits a record max, and that’s not good

The increase in ice may actually be a sign the warming continent is in trouble.

bad news

Media coverage creates oil spill amnesia — so don’t read this!

News accounts of eco-disasters give us a false sense that everything is going to be OK. Because we really, really want everything to be OK.

Climate & Energy

Good news! There’s bad news for coal

The enemy of the human race takes a few hits.


Why North Dakota is doing caviar right

How Williston's North Star Caviar is building a better food system.

Climate & Energy

Naomi Klein is right: Unchecked capitalism will destroy civilization

Klein's new book, "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate," argues that it's now too late for incremental steps to fight climate change. We have go big.


Headed to the climate march? Here’s what to do (and where to eat cupcakes)

If you're going to Climate Week NYC, check out this list of interesting events.


California is (finally) taking steps to regulate its groundwater

Thirsty Californians now need to think twice before they tap that aquifer.

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