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What’s the greenest way to travel?

A reader wants to see the world without wrecking it. Umbra offers a few travel tips.

Climate & Energy

How does climate activism differ in the U.S. and Germany?

Americans are focused on diversifying the movement and fighting fossil fuels. Germans are getting into the specifics of phasing out coal and nuclear.

Business & Technology

Big Oil’s business model is broken

Here's the real story behind the oil price collapse.

Climate & Energy

Big news: CO2 emissions flatlined last year

And it happened during a time of economic growth. You can thank renewables.


Watch New York’s unexpected food heroes make salt and forage in the parks

The Perennial Plate explores how beautifully off-beat foodies are growing a healthy food scene in New York.


2014 was a record year for transit, but that’s not as rad as it sounds

We'll give you an E for effort, America, but New York City gets most of the credit.

Climate & Energy

Will the GOP try to block a climate deal just like they did with an Iran deal?

Senate Republicans attempted to undermine Obama on nuclear talks with Iran. Don’t expect them to behave any better around climate talks.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is baking Alaska

Alaska is the canary in the climate coal mine, and that bird is in trouble.

Climate & Energy

Wind could power a third of America’s electricity by 2050

The wind industry would support 600,000 jobs by then, too.