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Obama is cracking down on another climate villain: Methane

It's the final and crucial piece of Obama's climate plan, and it just might work.


Overachieving Germans to green the Autobahn

The city of Hamburg plans to bury a section of the Autobahn, and plant a stretch of parks, gardens, and trails on top the tunnel.

Cool Whirl

See your new favorite parts of Earth (and Middle-earth) in 4 minutes

You'll never need to board a carbon-spewing plane again.

Climate & Energy

This map shows you the best places to ride out climate change

According to a new map, Australia is a great place to ride out climate change. We're not buying it.

may the eyes have it!

The Senate will vote to decide if climate change is real

Other things Senate to vote on the existence of: time, the moon, vegetables, Jean Claude Van Damme.

Business & Technology

Meet your favorite new green(ish) cars

New at the Detroit Auto Show: the new Chevy Volt, the all-electric Bolt, and plug-in and hybrid cars from VW, Mercedes, and Hyundai.

Is “resilience” the new sustainababble?

Resilience is an idea with potentially transformative power -- but we need to make sure it isn't co-opted by big business and the forces of the status quo.


Obama to crack down on methane leaks from frackers and pipelines

Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is leaking from wells and pipelines across the country.


Mitt Romney’s climate record exposes his deepest flaws as a politician and a robot

As Romney prepares for another presidential run, let's look at his craven pandering on the critical issue of global warming.