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Who is climate change killing this week?

California sea lion pups and New England moose -- that's who!

Climate & Energy

Even Shell’s former chair says some fossil fuel divestment would make sense

Mark Moody-Stuart also says the world just isn't moving fast enough in the fight against climate change.

Climate & Energy

5 charts that explain why Obama wants to clamp down on airplane emissions

Air travel is the largest unregulated source of carbon pollution in the U.S. -- but not for long.


That global warming “pause” you’ve heard about? Not a thing

A big new study from NOAA undermines climate deniers' favorite theory.


Can a video game change the way we deal with sexual assault?

Two students did the impossible: They made a video game about sexual assault prevention that isn’t completely lame.

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Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

The key: Making room for bikes, buses, and other mass transit, and no new concessions for cars.


Al Gore inspired an opera on climate change

The crazy dial gets turned way, way up.


This terrifying new tool tells you how slutty you are

HINT: It's probably less than your parents.


Buying organic costs too much. That’s a good thing

Organic food could be cheaper, according to a new study, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth every dollar.