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Climate & Energy

Is the carbon bubble about to bust? One unlikely pundit thinks so

In the conservative Daily Telegraph, a business journalist warns the fossil fuel industry that solar is going to eat its lunch.

A gassy, icy concoction

New shipping channel will carry natural gas through the Arctic

Japan and China want to buy gas from Siberia, so shipping companies are going to take a shortcut through melting ice.

Drowning in dangers

Climate change is flooding out American coastlines

A new analysis finds that flooding from storm surges is getting worse as sea levels rise.


Oh, heck yes: Check out these farm tools for women

Green Heron Tools sells farming and gardening products made for women by women.

Climate & Energy

Kidney stones: One more thing to look forward to in our climate-changed future

Brace yourself: New research suggests that even slight warming causes a marked increase in kidney stones.


We officially nominate M. Sanjayan and Neil deGrasse Tyson for the 2015 season of True Detective

We present you with a proposal -- the only logical next step in bringing the message of climate change mitigation to a broad TV audience.


LeBron James heads back to Ohio, and perhaps his greatest challenge yet

Ohio's Rust Belt cities are plagued with poverty and pollution. James has pledged to help the youth there, but this is no slam dunk.


Rich Republicans are the worst climate deniers

We already knew about the "smart idiot" effect. Now, meet the "rich idiot" effect.

Bank your turns

Bike lanes save lives AND money

More infrastructure for cyclists means fewer cars on the road, as well as less pollution, congestion, sedentary-lifestyle health problems, and traffic fatalities.

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