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Climate & Energy

Parts of Louisiana’s sunken coast are resurfacing

Is this an encouraging sign in the fight against rising sea levels?

Business & Technology

Meet the man who tackles our fears with stick figures

Professor Andrew Maynard tackles Ebola, e-cigs, green potato chips, and more in his lovable YouTube series Risk Bites.


Exclusive: Mac DeMarco performs “Salad Days” with a little help from his friends

Watch an acoustic version of Canadian indie-rocker Mac DeMarco's song "Salad Days."

Climate & Energy

We did the math on clean coal, and it doesn’t add up

Is carbon capture and sequestration a net win for the climate? That depends on how you crunch the numbers.

Business & Technology

Are there any eco-friendly credit card companies?

A reader discovers that his credit card company is funding dirty energy. Umbra looks out for the planet's best interest.

Climate & Energy

Meet Lewis Latimer, the African American who enlightened Thomas Edison

He helped bring electricity to the masses, and understood the links between electric power and political power. He'd love today's distributed solar movement.


How Chicago’s Little League scandal cheats city kids

The young players from Jackie Robinson West were stripped of their Little League title. City kids everywhere may have lost a lot more.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil is desperate for your love. Watch their silly plea in this insane video

Divestment means breaking up with fossil fuels. We're ready to move on.

green apple

Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy

Its massive new installation will produce enough power to supply 60,000 California homes, says CEO Tim Cook.