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Climate & Energy

More oil spills ahead for Puget Sound?

Three proposed fossil fuel projects aim to boost coal and oil exports out of the Pacific Northwest, which would raise the risk of oil spills.

Business & Technology

Could a bullet train take you from the U.S. to China to Europe?

China wants to build a high-speed rail network that could ferry passengers from the U.S. to Beijing in two days, and onward from there.

Climate & Energy

House built to coexist with nature. Nature has had enough of house

Mies van der Rohe’s oft-flooded architectural masterpiece, Farnsworth House, is about to get some elevator shoes.

Business & Technology

Do coal companies have more rights than voters?

A coal company in St. Louis doesn't want to wage a ballot battle over its lucrative tax breaks -- so it sued to get the measure thrown out.


Make Me Care: What should we really fear and loathe in Las Vegas?

Heat waves and droughts? Pshaw. Sin City has bigger things to worry about.

The desolation of smog

When China became the world’s workshop, it inherited the world’s air pollution, too

A visit to Beijing, and its notorious blanket of smog, brings a flashback to the U.S. industrial heartland in its heyday.

chocolate vanilla swirl, swirl

The week in GIFs: Orange Is the New Black

You don't need a prison wife to appreciate the week's green news.


There’s trouble brewing for your coffee habit

Coffee rust is driving up the cost of that vital morning fix. Climate change will kill your buzz even harder.

Have a Koch and a frown

Why the Koch brothers hate Detroit

The Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity is trying to kill a deal that would rescue Detroit from financial ruin.

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