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Sunspot science throws wrench in favorite climate denialism claim

A new study shows that sunspot activity has not, in fact, increased in recent decades.

The Desolation of Smog

China is exporting ozone pollution to the U.S. — which is only fair

A new study suggests that ozone levels on the West Coast aren't dropping, thanks to a new smoggy import.


John Oliver reminds us how ridiculous American sex ed is

Surprise! Regions with the least access to comprehensive sex ed also have the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Green Screen

True Detective is over — here’s who’s left standing

What have we learned this season? Los Angeles is a hideous beast, but if you manage to escape its overwhelming sprawl, you will die.


How subglacial discharge is kind of like blowing all of your money at Chipotle

Seismic vibrations give clues to melting glaciers and your calving bank account. Oh, bother.

EPA turned this river orange by dumping 3 million gallons of mine sludge into it

A normally clear Rocky Mountain river is now the color of baby shit. Thanks, EPA!

Climate & Energy

America could double its gas tax and it would still be incredibly low

And yet opposition to raising it remains fixed and fierce.

Climate & Energy

Why the Donald Trump phenomenon is bad for the climate

Trump outdoes all the other Republican presidential contenders with his belligerent ignorance about climate change.

Climate & Energy

With Obama poised to reject Keystone, TransCanada tries to figure out what to do next

The pipeline company is considering suing the U.S. under NAFTA, and praying for a new Republican president.