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Turn your city into a swarm of robot farms

A California company is fixing to fill up urban nooks and crannies with plugin farming systems.

Climate & Energy

Could this lawsuit force Obama to fix his ridiculous coal-leasing program?

The feds are still letting coal companies mine on public land at far below market rates, contrary to the goals of the president's own climate plan.

Climate & Energy

Here’s a cool way to visualize carbon emissions

Climate change isn't just about who's emitting now. It's about who's emitted over the last 150 years -- and the U.S. bears a lot of the blame.

westward ho

A plan to get solar headed in the right direction — literally

It’s OK to discriminate on orientation when it comes to solar panels. West is best.

on the road again

Roadkill fur is flat-out the hottest fashion trend of the season

We got over the Carmani ick factor pretty quickly with this sobering stat: A million animals end up dead on U.S. roadsides every day.


6 reasons why green funders need to get off the fence

Here's some advice for environmental philanthropists on how to navigate a politically polarized U.S. political system: Choose sides.

Climate & Energy

India may be the next big polluter to announce a climate plan

India is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the U.S., and now it's cooking up a new climate action strategy.

color me barbra

Barbra Streisand behind global warming hoax, says Sen. Inhofe

That's what the GOP senator who'll be taking control of the environment committee told David Corn several years ago.

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Cheap gasoline summons the dread SUV from its jumbo grave

SUVs never had much on their cheaper, more efficient, safer compact-car competitors. But every time the price of fuel drops, the zombies return.