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The beading edge

Illinois becomes first state to ban lake-fouling microbeads

The plastic microbeads will be barred from personal-care products starting in 2017. Other states might soon follow Illinois' lead.

Climate & Energy

Will Obama’s power-plant rules lead to an international climate agreement?

They'll help, but they're not enough on their own. And now other countries, like Australia, are trying to gum up the works.

There’s gold in that there drinking water — which can’t be good

Residents of Whitehall, Mont., are finding heavy, er, precious metals in their kitchen sinks and toilet tanks. Eureka! Or maybe not.

Minimum wage against the machine

Why we’re watching this climate scientist turned socialist politician

Jess Spear was a driving force behind the $15 minimum wage campaign in Seattle, and now she's running for the Washington State Legislature.


Airbnb thinks your apartment would make a great illegal bistro

Not content to make a fortune off of other people’s houses, Airbnb wants you to make dinner for people you don’t know, and pay Airbnb for the privilege.

Climate & Energy

Fish are great at fighting climate change. Too bad we’re eating them all.

Fish are superheroes when it comes to sequestering carbon and slowing global warming -- but overfishing and bycatch are killing these deep-sea ecosystems.

The Meat-inators

Move over, Avatar: Suzy Amis-Cameron (James’ wife) fights environmental disaster with vegan school lunches

Suzy Amis-Cameron says the school she founded will soon offer only plant-based meals.

Climate & Energy

Red states pump out more carbon pollution than blue ones

Which states are going to kick up a fuss over the EPA's proposed power-plant rules? New data from Yale, along with some clever maps, help answer this question.

Climate & Energy

Four reasons to love Obama’s power plant rules, and three reasons not to

Don't know what to think of EPA’s proposal for regulating CO2 emissions from existing power plants? We've boiled the brouhaha down for you.

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