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Climate & Energy

Meet the firefighters on the front lines of wildfire-ravaged America

Elk Creek Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin has firsthand experience of the spread of wildfires throughout the western United States.

Climate & Energy

Feeling defeated? These solutions fight climate change and empower people

From tree-plantings to community gardens and citizen science, there's good work being done in America's cities, and it deserves a shout-out.


We need old buildings to make great cities, but we need new ones too

The National Trust for Historic Preservation argues in favor of smaller, older buildings. But big, new projects are critical to healthy cities as well.

Climate & Energy

College students design home with $2 energy bills

It's not a solar panel attached to a shoebox, either -- it's a three-bedroom, 1,925-square-foot craftsman-style house.

Climate & Energy

Stephen Colbert’s refreshing solution for fighting climate change

Stephen Colbert has a surprisingly simple suggestion for dealing with apocalyptic climate change.


How apps are helping small farmers bring you better coffee

Rewarding to know it’s not all Flappy Bird, right?

the violent crackle of global warming

Insane wildfires arrive months early in SoCal, threaten nuke plant

Drought-ravaged Southern California is aflame.


Cities to suburbs: Where’s the transit love? Suburbs to cities: Where’s the bus?

After suburban voters torpedoed a tax to fund bus service in the Seattle Metro area, transit activists grapple with the sad reality: Maybe the ‘burbs just weren’t designed for buses.

PAH dance, anybody?

Strip club flooded by oil spill in L.A.

A geyser of oil shot 50 feet in the air after a pipeline ruptured, leading to a 10,000-gallon spill and a knee-deep, lake-like mess.

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