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Business & Technology

“It’s raining renewable energy loans!” shrieks DOE, racing to the dance floor

The Department of Energy announced a $4 billion loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects, Solyndra be damned.

Will gas get a free pass?

Oil companies try to weasel out of California’s cap-and-trade program

Big Oil has convinced some lawmakers to try to delay the inclusion of motor fuels in the state's carbon-trading system. Because it cares about struggling families.

Situation normal, all trucked up

Um, TransCanada just bought off a town with a firetruck

In exchange for a new rescue truck, the town of Mattawa agreed to not to comment on any of TransCanada's operations for the next five years.

Wild Mannered

Should wilderness get the axe?

The Wilderness Act turns 50 this year. But climate change means we need to rethink what "wild" even means.

Business & Technology

This fake LEGO ad shows the Arctic drowning in an oil spill

LEGO of our brand loyalty, Shell! Greenpeace made a video to protest the pairing of oil and toys, and to remind us all that the Arctic is in trouble.

parks and reparations

How our fear of “wilding” colored the Central Park Five case

After a heinous crime in a New York greenspace, we stripped five young men of their humanity. They paid dearly for it.

Climate & Energy

Tired of just ruining your garden, kudzu destroys the climate, too

New study finds kudzu and other invasives can release carbon that had been sequestered in the soil.

Location, location, location

When storms hit, scrappy local reporters rush to the rescue

Small news websites are filling in some of the void left by shrinking city newspapers and TV news coverage. They're proving their worth in times of disaster.


Will the U.S. keep spending taxpayer money on dirty coal plants abroad?

President Obama ordered the U.S. Export-Import Bank to stop funding coal plants, but some members are Congress are trying to undermine that ban.

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