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merlot point

The West Antarctic glaciers are breaking up with us

Latest studies show that the ice sheet's gradual disappearance is now irreversible, along with catastrophic, if slow, sea-level rise.

ridin' dirty

For $110, the toilet bike will help you get laid

Check out this adult tricycle-toilet hybrid. Swears the seller, “When I rode this thing around town, I was a freaking chick magnet!” YEAH, BUDDY.

Climate & Energy

John Oliver and Bill Nye show why cable news climate “debates” are so ridiculous

Warning: If you watch this, you'll never be able to watch a climate debate again without rolling your eyes.

Climate & Energy

Oil company poisons town; judge says it doesn’t owe its victims a penny

Citgo was found guilty of criminal violations of the Clean Air Act, but apparently doling out damages would have been far too complicated.

Climate & Energy

Do you think frackers should disclose the chemicals they use? EPA wants to know

That's not a rhetorical question. The EPA is seeking public comment, even though it might not do anything after the comments are received.

Legal trifecta!

Another big EPA court victory — this time on soot pollution

It's the third notable environmental court win in a month, upholding the EPA's right to clamp down on particulates that cause heart attacks and asthma.


Local to the extreme: This project puts the farm right in the grocery store

Right now, the Farmery is just a test project in a shipping container, but Ben Greene and his team have big dreams.


Ask Umbra: Do they still make alarm clocks that don’t require batteries or electricity?

A reader is tired of waking up to her smartphone. Umbra crows about the alternatives.

You've got rail

This bill would help build the kinds of communities where millennials want to live

A new Senate proposal would make it easier for local governments to do transit-oriented development.

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