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Climate & Energy

U.N. climate report: We must focus on “decarbonization,” and it won’t wreck the economy

A surprisingly hopeful story -- with tweets!

It takes no tillage

Conventional farmers drop their plows in favor of conservation

A visit to one mainstream California farm that has stopped plowing turns up a surprising reason for the increasingly common change: It comes with a dollar sign.

Share and share a bike

Montreal, Boston, NYC: Which city has the best bikeshare program?

What's it really like for a traveler trying to obtain temporary wheels in different cities? We've kicked some tires, and here's what we found.

Fighting dirty money with clean

Enviro groups team up on new campaign funding alliance

The League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council are collaborating to help get climate hawks elected. They're not in the same league as the Kochs, but it's a start.


Busted ant farm or bikeshare? Watch Citi Bikers swarm NYC streets

This mesmerizing data visualization shows where, and when, NYC Citi Bikers ride.

Climate & Energy

If you were watching “Game of Thrones,” you missed Neil Tyson’s solution to global warming

This week's "Cosmos" explained how plants produce clean energy … and how our inferior energy technologies produce climate change.


Donate to the Sharknado sequel and you’ll also be supporting shark conservation

If you donate enough money, you can help save a shark AND be in the movie!

Burn Baby Burn

The four fossil fuel stockpiles that could toast the world

A Sierra Club report looks at what would happen if the U.S. burned through its biggest oil, gas, and coal reserves -- and it ain't pretty.


With “Netflix for LEGOs,” the sharing economy just went preschool

Your kids (or you -- no judgment) get to play with one set at a time, ship it back for free, and then eagerly await the next set in your queue.