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Climate & Energy

Climate change could cause zombie smallpox (but, uh, it probably won’t) (BUT IT COULD)

Warming global temperatures could thaw out the bodies of smallpox victims in Siberia, a place so cold that the virus might have been sent into stasis instead of killed. Maybe.


20, it’s a blessing: Celebrating two decades of environmental justice

In 1994, President Clinton signed Executive Order 12898, a landmark in protecting communities of color from industrial pollution. For those living in the dirty streets, it was long overdue.

Climate & Energy

How went from “strange kid” to head of the green class's May Boeve explains how the organization nearly got founded at a Montana microbrewery, how it drew a line in the tar sands, and where it’s going next.


San Francisco puts textile recycling bins in apartments, shaming every city that still can’t separate trash

No more excuses, America.


This is the first fish ever to get off the endangered species list

The chub's secret? It doesn't interfere with any powerful industries.


This goat simulator looks like maybe the best video game ever

Apparently there's a latent and untapped desire on the internet to spend time navigating the world as a goat.


Can we save Chesapeake Bay from chicken crap?

A bill in Maryland would make poultry producers pay five cents a bird to help protect the bay from chicken-waste runoff.


Zipcar for mopeds is taking over San Francisco

Resistence is futile. Electric scooter rental company Scoot is flourishing.

Climate & Energy

Is fracking pollution deforming babies?

Infants born near fracking sites in Colorado were found to suffer from elevated rates of congenital heart defects and neural tube defects.

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