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Solving hunger is simple — end poverty. Gulp.

Trying to end poverty may seem like a tall order if all you want to do is make sure people don't starve. But there's plenty we can do -- and a lot we even agree …

Climate & Energy

Climate change could be happening 2,400 feet under Antarctic ice

Scientist drilled half a mile through ancient Antarctic glaciers and found, yup, more evidence of human-caused climate change.


Is there such thing as guilt-free leather?

A reader wonders if faux leather is more ethical than the real stuff. Umbra says she could be suede.

Climate & Energy

Watch this nature doc on the majestic tar-sands pipeline

This spin-off of National Geographic Channel's "Great Migrations" tells the story of an unexpected critter.


Beijing’s toxic air is literally off the charts


Climate & Energy

Quick, go visit the ocean one last time before it dies

We mess with the oceans so much that we may be due for a marine mass extinction, says a new broad study.


Even Hello Kitty is getting into sustainable food

The cartoon cat moves on from homemaking and Ferris wheel-riding to start her own wildly popular organic farm in Hong Kong.


Why essential oils could change factory farming

Chickens might soon blow their paychecks in the "Holistic Healing" aisle at Whole Foods -- just like you!

Brat Worst

Why I’ll never have kids, and why you shouldn’t either

Is this really a world you want to bring children into?