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Climate & Energy

Of pipelines, lunch counters, and warheads: Effective protest requires concrete goals

The policy wonks are missing the importance of the Keystone XL pipeline fight as a rallying point.


Giant rats will inherit the earth

Human-induced climate change is not going to make the planet uninhabitable: Some species are going to thrive. (Just not us.)


Train of thoughtlessness: Proposed rail line puts NOLA neighborhood on the wrong track

Locals are railing against a proposal that would move train tracks away from a well-heeled suburban neighborhood and into a poor urban one.


People hate corporate coffee so much they’re flocking to Dumb Starbucks in droves

It looked like a Starbucks and tasted like a Starbucks, but it wasn't a Starbucks.

Climate & Energy

Quick, change the channel! Al Jazeera is talking about the environment again

While most American TV networks are ignoring climate change, Al Jazeera America is taking climate and environmental issues seriously.

Climate & Energy

India plans world’s biggest solar project, but money is a hurdle

The solar array would be larger than Manhattan and cost $4.4 billion. India is hitting up the World Bank for a great big loan to get it started.

Climate & Energy

Climate change has turned southern England into a soggy teabag

The storms and flooding just won't end in England, where the government is warning of the links between record-breaking weather and global warming.


Bike beer caddy lets you tote your brews around in (slightly kinky) style

Nothing like some nice full-grain leather to help you get 50 shades of drunk. After you get off your bike, of course.


Horrifying five-foot jellyfish washes ashore, signaling our imminent demise

If THIS doesn't scare you, keep in mind that jellyfish can can be up to 10 feet across -- perfect for wrapping you up like a soggy human burrito.

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