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Now you can get solar panels at Best Buy

SolarCity continues its drive to make installing solar panels the easiest green thing you ever did, by letting customers sign up while running errands.


Watch this dry riverbed fill up in seconds

A crowd standing by Israel's dried-up Zin River got caught off guard by a flash flood and had to hightail it to avoid getting swept away.


Billions of pounds of sea life die every year to feed our seafood appetite

For every pound of sashimi or sea bass that you stuff into your mouth, you're basically spitting four ounces of marine life onto the floor.


This smart air conditioner could make summer less expensive

This A/C unit is pretty, almost affordable ($300), and not a huge energy hog. Oh yeah, and you can control it with your smartphone!


This island nation just banned all commercial fishing

There’s just one small burp in the plan: Palau only has one boat to enforce the ban in a 200-mile area.


Trash from the K-Cups sold last year would circle the Earth almost 11 times

Kind of ridiculous for a company owned by a fair-trade, organic coffee brand, no?


Ask Umbra: What’s the greenest way to re-side my house?

A reader wonders if polypropylene paneling is any better than vinyl. Umbra thinks outside the box.

Burgs & the bees

Habitats for humanity: Why our cities need to be ecosystems, too

Weave nature into our cities, an urban and environmental planning professor says, and "we're likely to be better human beings."

Waste deep in the big muddy

Has modern agriculture cleaned up its dirty runoff act?

Farmers today don't muddy rivers as much as they used to -- but the full downstream picture is still quite dark.

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