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Sticky Situation

Yes, it’s getting hotter in the U.S. — but the humidity will kill you

Hotter temperatures mixed with humidity will make it unbearable to live in, oh, everywhere.

Stands And Deliver

Farm stands turn your backyard kale into cold, hard cash

Farm stands enable your neighbors to sell you farmers-market-quality produce with lemonade-stand convenience. But not all cities are psyched about them.

Climate & Energy

The greenest man in America doesn’t drive a Prius or shop at Whole Foods

Lipo Chanthanasak's activism is so organic, granola gets jealous.

joke's on you, assholes

Obama is absolutely lambasting Republicans on climate change now

The Democrats are increasingly using climate change as a wedge, marginalizing Republicans as elections approach.


How can we break the cycle of bigger farms and fewer farmers?

A new documentary, Dryland, illustrates the brutal logic of rural depopulation. But the process isn't inevitable.

Hay-Z Summer

I got 99 climate change problems — don’t make sexual harassment one

As a friend and fellow woman out in the warming world succinctly put it: “It got hot out, I put on a dress, people said things to me.”

Pulp Nonfiction

Ask Umbra: How many times can you recycle paper, anyway?

A reader wonders how far recycled paper can go. Umbra delivers.

It's just a baby

Happy first birthday, U.S. Climate Action Plan!

How much has Obama accomplished since he introduced his plan one year ago?

Climate & Energy

Ma, why does my scratch and sniff smell like a gas leak?

When it comes to sniffing out leaky natural gas pipelines, it's time for kids to join the fun.

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