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Business & Technology

Solar power cheaper than coal: One company says it’s cracked the code

V3Solar claims its product will produce energy at a third of the cost of other solar power. If it's true -- a big if -- it could revolutionize distributed energy.


Are Walmart and Big Food pushing for GMO labeling?

A coalition of big food companies met with the FDA earlier this month to push for GMO labeling, reports suggest. Are Walmart and pals finally fed up with fighting state initiatives?


What we don’t want to know about chicken and fish

In week two of the "meat lover's guide to going vegetarian," our provisional vegetarian takes a hard look at how the "lighter" fleshy foods get to her plate.

Climate & Energy

From words to deeds: How to push Obama toward climate action

What can the environmental community do to encourage Obama to follow through on his commitments? Be at least as aggressive as the Republicans.


Oak Park test drives a blackout-proof, solar-powered smart grid

Our infrastructure should be as smart as our phones, says Oak Park, Ill., Sustainability Manager K.C. Poulos.

Climate & Energy

Everything is awful

Filibuster fail. Keystone stupidity. Solar backsliding. Public ignorance. David Roberts collects all the bummer news you can handle from this week. Let’s hope for better tomorrow.

Climate & Energy

Why Greenland’s melting could be the biggest climate disaster of all

With the Greenland ice sheet melting faster than anyone predicted, glaciologist Jason Box is racing to find out just how soon we could be swamped.


Do you think Obama will approve the Keystone pipeline? Take our poll

A decision on the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline is now expected in the spring. The State Department is reviewing it, but ultimately Obama will make the call.


No bad apples: Grocery store cuts waste and cost by selling imperfect fruit

By selling apples normally deemed not pretty enough for retail, one California grocery chain leads the way in cutting food waste and saving eaters money.