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Climate & Energy

David Attenborough: U.S. politicians duck climate change because of cost

The naturalist said politicians have a hard time addressing climate in this economy -- even as it becomes clear that some of climate change's impacts are already worse than expected.


Fallen arches: McDonald’s sales slump blamed on food costs, smarter customers

With sales lagging, and a surprisingly sophisticated understanding of why consumers are losing trust in its products, McDonlad's plans to highlight its cheapest, least healthy foods.

Business & Technology

Despite GOP jeers, BrightSource succeeds in solar

Republicans want you to think Obama's clean-energy initiatives have been a failure, but they're wrong. Here's just one example of their success: innovative solar company BrightSource Energy.


Corn maze: There is no ‘simple fix’ for commodity farming

Recent evidence that growing a diversity of crops would solve many of Big Ag's problems is encouraging, but it will take a larger shift in the culture of commodity farming to see any real results.


How eating more whole fish can change your life

Eating whole, small fish like herring can help save the ocean and become a lifelong adventure. Author Maria Finn explains how changing your relationship to seafood can change your life.


We’re all guinea pigs: Film explores effects of living among untested chemicals

"The Human Experiment," narrated by Sean Penn, looks at the tens of thousands of untested chemicals that pervade our daily lives, the industry that wants to keep it that way, and the activists fighting back.


Phish Food for thought: Even Burlington can get greener

Burlington, Vt., is the land of socialist senators and Ben & Jerry’s. But sustainability chief Jennifer Green says the town still has its work cut out for it.


Umbra’s second helpings: Advice for an earth- and kid-friendly Halloween

Looking for a way to please the wee zombies without jacking them up on store-bought sugar? Here are a few tricks you might try.

Climate & Energy

Frontline: Did the climate deniers win? Not so fast

A PBS "Frontline" special chronicles the rise of Tea Party-fueled climate skepticism during Obama's term -- a trend that already appears to be reversing.