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Climate & Energy

Energy localism update: Boulder, Colo., wants to take control of its own power

Spurred by its climate action plan, Boulder wants to dump its big coal-reliant utility and form a new municipal utility focused on clean power.

Climate & Energy

Coral fights back against warming seas

Most of the news on coral reefs is pretty gloomy. But new genetic research shows we shouldn't write off these embattled sea critters just yet.

Climate & Energy

No Venus envy here: Earth’s evil twin shows us the climate change endgame

Astrobiologist David Grinspoon says Venus used to be a lot like Earth, but then this little thing called the greenhouse effect turned it into a scorched, uninhabitable wasteland. Worried yet?

Climate & Energy

Natural gas: It’s a hedge, not a bridge

Boosters of natural gas argue that it can serve as a "bridge fuel" between coal and renewables, but a new analysis calls their bluff.

Climate & Energy

Solar Mosaic: Kind of a big deal for clean energy

The "Kickstarter of solar" just started accepting investments. Here's why you should be excited.


App, crackle, pop: Junk food marketers target your kids online

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Big Food is working to reach kids online and through social media platforms.


Ask Umbra: Eat a baby orange, kill a baby seal?

A reader wonders what happens to the mesh bags clementines come in. Umbra says those darling little oranges can make a mess in the caverns, in the canyons, and even the foaming brine.


Could Chuck Hagel, defense secretary nominee, turn out to be a climate hawk?

Hagel has long been confused about climate change ... and yet concerned about it too, particularly as a national security issue.

Climate & Energy

Obama vs. physics: Why climate change won’t wait for the president

Climate change is not a fight, like abortion or gay marriage, between conflicting groups with conflicting opinions. It's a fight between human beings and physics.