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Climate & Energy

WTF is the IPCC?

And why should the world care about its new climate report? We tell you everything you need to know to sound smart at a cocktail party.


Cow farts still stink up the climate — but relief is possible

Livestock rearing contributes 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions -- more than half of that from methane-spewing cattle. Also: We can change this.


Are GMOs worth their weight in gold? To farmers, not exactly

Biotech seeds cost more and often return less than conventional crops or organic farming. But they do give farmers a kind of safety net.

Climate & Energy

Aussies open wallets to save climate advisers from new prime minister

Australia's new climate-denying leader scrapped a federal climate task force. Some of his more enlightened countrymen and women are funding it as a nonprofit, instead.

Climate & Energy

Yarr! Russia says Greenpeace protesters are pirates

Putin threatens Greenpeace activists who took part in a demonstration against offshore drilling in Russian Arctic waters with serious penalties.


Changing lanes: Black women band together in the D.C. bike scene

A bike club for African American women takes off in Washington, D.C., as cycling gains momentum in communities of color nationwide.

Climate & Energy

The whitewashing of the environmental movement

The traditional environmental movement has a diversity problem. And for the environmentalism as a whole to succeed, that needs to change, says Van Jones.

Climate & Energy

Great Lakes shipping terminal for Bakken oil hits dead end

A crude terminal proposed for Duluth, Minn., would load oil tankers bound for the East Coat through the Great Lakes. But the plans have faltered.


Court to EPA on Gulf dead-zone rules: Make up your freakin’ mind

The federal government just came a step closer to regulating fertilizer runoff in the Mississippi River -- runoff that feeds Gulf of Mexico dead zones.