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Climate & Energy

There’s not gonna be a carbon tax

Lots of people are talking about carbon taxes now, but without House Republican support it won't happen. David Roberts explains why climate hawks should cool their jets.

Climate & Energy

This is what climate change sounds like

Artist Andrea Polli takes scientific data and spins it into music. The effect, she hopes, is more powerful than anything you’ll get from a bar chart.

Climate & Energy

How you can help clean energy eat Big Oil’s lunch

Activists are pushing for divestment from dirty energy companies. Let's couple that with investments in community-owned, small-scale renewables.

Business & Technology

Geoengineering: A mad scientist’s guide to fixing the planet

Climate change? Rising seas? Monster storms? Science can fix that, thanks to the miracle of geoengineering. Here's everything you need to know.


Lame duck or bad luck? The farm bill hangs in the balance

Will Congress leave young farmers and organic farmers high and dry? Here's an update on the expired multibillion-dollar food and farm bill.

Climate & Energy

You be the pessimist! Here’s why the election gives me hope

What if grassroots activists joined with green D.C. insiders, got the president to kill the Keystone pipeline, and put a price on carbon? Bill McKibben explains why the election should make us all optimists.


Will Obama’s second term bring food system wins — or more of the same?

Obama didn't impress food system reformers in his first four years. Will this term be any different?

The moral logic of climate communication

Climate communicators have two moral obligations: (1) be accurate and (2) ensure that audiences understand and care. Too many people fixate on No. 1 and ignore No. 2.


Population growth and the road to total societal meltdown

A new documentary follows overpopulation experiments with rats to offer insight into our own dangerously crowded world. The bad news: Crowded rats got fat and happy -- and then they all died.