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We are consigning hundreds of coastal cities to destruction. Who cares?

New research shows that sea-level "lock in" -- the amount of sea-level rise we are making inevitable through carbon emissions -- is growing rapidly. Do we, should we, care about what will happen so far …


Nature writ small: Kids capture scenes of wild things in the city [SLIDESHOW]

In post-industrial Pittsburgh, underserved kids are handed cameras and challenged to explore the natural world right at their feet. Here are some of the things they've spotted.

Climate & Energy

Harsh drought is drying up New Mexico’s largest reservoir

El Paso's drier than an cow bone baking in the Chihuahuan Desert, and an important source of water for drinking and farming has shrunk into a sandy puddle.

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Why the Peak Oilers are still right

The oil and gas boom in the U.S. has some people arguing that we no longer need to worry about fossil-fuel supplies. Au contraire.

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Despite slowdown, global coal remains a planet-destroying monster

Recent news about the slowing growth of the global coal market is nice and all, but coal still remains a gargantuan beast that is steadily trashing the climate.


Genetically engineered food: Allergic to regulations?

GM food is heavily tested for allergens, but we'd all be better served by a more codified and transparent process.

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Could greenhouse gases turn Earth into Venus?

Yes, but not anytime soon.


Code green: Nerds for Nature pairs techies and enviros to hack the planet

The group Nerds for Nature is innovating the fight against climate change -- just by getting technologists and environmentalists talking.

Climate & Energy

More wildfires = more warming = more wildfires

Scientists are scared of the link between bigger wildfires and the rapid thawing of northern permafrost.