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Climate & Energy

Could greenhouse gases turn Earth into Venus?

Yes, but not anytime soon.


Code green: Nerds for Nature pairs techies and enviros to hack the planet

The group Nerds for Nature is innovating the fight against climate change -- just by getting technologists and environmentalists talking.

Climate & Energy

More wildfires = more warming = more wildfires

Scientists are scared of the link between bigger wildfires and the rapid thawing of northern permafrost.

Climate & Energy

Flood, rebuild, repeat: Are we ready for a Superstorm Sandy every other year?

Why we pretend the next storm won't happen -- and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain.


Orange you ready for a tall glass of GMOs?

An insect-spread disease is wiping out orange crops. Gene splicing might help in the short term, but it won't make Big Ag more sustainable or resilient.

Climate & Energy

Goldman Sachs says coal-export terminals are a bad investment

Goldman Sachs says the market for coal exports is slowing and related infrastructure projects, like those planned for the U.S. Northwest, "will struggle to earn a positive return."

Business & Technology

Ask Umbra: Do the costs of LEDs outweigh the benefits?

A reader comes looking for bright ideas about lightbulbs. Umbra turns it on.


Cultivating an app for how your garden grows

Growstuff lets you track your plantings -- and puts your data to work for a wider community.


Wide open spaces: How unused parking adds up

Hundreds of thousands of parking spots across the U.S. are vacant, unwanted, and mandatory.