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Your new Grist front page — tried and tested

You, the jury, made your choice! We tested two different versions of our homepage and are adopting the simpler one that performed better.

Climate & Energy

State Dept. on Keystone XL: So not a big deal

The State Department's new environmental impact statement says there's no good environmental reason not to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

Climate & Energy

A defense of Keystone protesters from the dark heart of the MSM

While other political journalists and commentators look askance at the Keystone battle, Michael Grunwald of TIME steps up and defends the cause.


Rad posters will inspire you to do the Green Thing

Photos of weeping seal cubs won't encourage you to walk more and waste less. Here are 11 great posters that encourage greener everyday habits.


Sorry, Michelle, but cheerleading isn’t enough to make Big Food change

The first lady calls on the food industry to lead the fight against obesity. But since junk food is still better for the bottom line, it'll take laws, not just encouragement, to fix our food …


There must be 50 ways to share your sweater

We'd like to help you in your struggle to be free. Here's how to stop buying and start sharing, swapping, and renting clothes.

Climate & Energy

On the ground at the BP Gulf oil spill trial

More than $17 billion is at stake as the civil trial against BP gets rolling in New Orleans.

Climate & Energy

The era of energy dinosaurs is coming to an end

The big, slow-moving dinosaurs of the energy world face increasing competition from a swarm of smaller, fast-moving mammals. Energy companies will update their strategies for a changing world, or they will perish.


‘Peer-to-peer’ lending cuts out the Wall Street middlemen

Social lending outfits allow you to loan money to actual humans, providing a leg up for people who really need one.