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Would you like fecal matter with that? There’s nasty stuff in your burger

The good news? Sustainably raised beef is less likely to contain poop or drugs.

Lying Flyers and the Liars Who Mail Them

Big Oil hates a California climate bill so much that it’s telling outright lies about it

An oil industry front group is sending out fliers claiming that a proposed bill would lead to gas rationing. Problem is, no such bill exists.

The Farmer

How to feed the world, with a little kelp from our friends (the oceans)

Paul Dobbins' farm needs no pesticides, fertilizer, land, or water — we just have to learn to love seaweed.

Climate & Energy

California wants its cars to use half as much gas by 2030. Is it possible?

A new bill would take gasoline use in the state back to the 1960s, a time when California’s population was close to half of what it is today.

Climate & Energy

As California goes, so goes the country: Welcome to our hotter future

As both a climate victim and responder, the national style-setter leads the way.

Climate & Energy

China’s economy is in trouble, but its climate efforts are not

The country's economic slowdown might actually be helpful for the environment.

Climate & Energy

Lifting the crude oil export ban would be terrible for the climate

Congress may vote as soon as next month on whether to lift the ban, which has been in place since 1975.

Climate & Energy

California looks to boost clean energy with ambitious new climate bill

If Senate Bill 350 passes, California utilities would need to get half their electricity from renewables in 15 years.


Jon Stewart would be the perfect presidential debate host. Will it happen?

A petition is calling for the retired Daily Show host to moderate a debate. Dear God, make it so.