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Watch this Kansas farm beat the market with the honor system (and a llama)

JaKo Farm avoids the farmers market by selling their products through an on-farm store -- and it's paying off.

sod it all

Climate change is melting Arctic archaeological sites

The Canadian Arctic is losing centuries-old, perfectly preserved Inuit villages as permafrost melts and coast erodes.


Baltimore riots flared up in a toxic environment

A local youth activists says the enraged protesters’ “behavior is a result, or correlates with the environment that they live in.”

Jerry Brown throws down

California sets fancy new climate goal, makes other states look bad

Gov. Jerry Brown declares his state will cut emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. Even Europe can't beat that.

Babe Alert!

Emma Thompson, an ant biologist, and a bodega documentarian: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

Need a bit more pep in that step? Give yourself a little break and check out our weekly roundup of badass women.


The future looks a lot hotter and wetter, says science

No duh, says us.

Little Boxes

Your wildest, tiniest house dreams could come true

SustainaFest is hosting an essay contest with a very pretty, very tiny house as the prize.


Watch Mark Ruffalo get in touch with his feminine side

In film promotion, female stars get a lot of interview questions that can only be described as "truly useless."


Wake-up call from Baltimore: We can no longer ignore our inner cities

Watching the city blow up, we’re forced to recon with decades of racism and neglect. Now it’s time to get serious about solutions.