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Business & Technology

Under realistic driving conditions, diesel cars emit a lot of extra pollution

Volkswagen isn't the only one with misleading emissions data.

Grist is looking for a new executive editor

We seek a creative, experienced leader to build up and manage our already-pretty-awesome editorial team. Are you our dream candidate?

Business & Technology

The new Tesla SUV is perfect for paranoid billionaires who care about the climate

The all-electric Model X has a bioweapon defense mode, "Back to the Future" doors, and a $130,000 price tag.


Is the West Antarctic ice sheet collapsing? These scientists want to go find out

Bad weather conditions on Thwaites Glacier make it a dangerous place to visit, but we need more than satellite data to understand how it's melting.

Climate & Energy

Volkswagen emissions cheating caused $100 million in health costs, according to analysis

Excess pollution from Volkswagen's deception took a hefty toll on human health.

Business & Technology

Amazon Flex is great news for the lazy — and bad news for everyone else

The company's newest program will pay your neighbors to deliver your crap in under an hour.

Climate & Energy

Want to slow climate change? Stop killing sharks

Shark culling could cut back the ocean's ability to sequester carbon along its coastlines, thus accelerating climate change.

Climate & Energy

Why do other planets get official protection against pollution, but not Earth?

There's no planetary protection officer for Earth (but there is one for Mars).

There’s a government conspiracy behind the California drought, so says this guy

Dane Wigington (real name!) claims the government is controlling the weather by spraying chemicals from airplanes.