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Portland ghosts a somber reminder not to text and drive

If ghost bikes can't get the attention of careless drivers, maybe these ghost people will.


We have a great Thanksgiving dinner conversation topic for you: Birth control!

Reproductive rights are still a mess in the U.S., but we have a lot to be thankful for.


Climate change is gonna be rough on farmers and eaters

And trade might not be much help.

Climate & Energy

What’s the status of Obama’s climate legacy?

Watch Grist's Ben Adler on discussing threats to Obama's Clean Power Plan.


Spoof captures how advertisers approach millennials and consumerism

This ad makes fun of throw-away culture with a fake water bottle brand called "Once."

Climate warning labels are coming to gas pumps in one Canadian city

North Vancouver has come up with a way to make gasoline buyers feel super guilty.

Climate & Energy

New tool will scrub the oil off your investments

The Decarbonizer shows what would have happened if you had divested a few years ago.


Hotel chain bans bacon and sausage from breakfast menu

If you're a bacon freak, you might want to avoid the Comfort Hotels in Scandinavia.


Check out Hamburg’s 2 new climate-friendly neighborhoods

The fast-growing German city has a shortage of housing, so it's turning old shipping areas into new green developments.