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U.S. food industry workers are pretty forked over

Low wages plague the second largest employer in the U.S.

Business & Technology

Watch out, corporations: Space detectives are watching you ruin the planet

Satellite images are catching illegal activity wherever it occurs, from pollution to deforestation to illegal fishing.

Climate & Energy

Fracking waste more likely to be located in poor communities and neighborhoods of color

A new study finds a disturbing trend in South Texas’ Eagle Ford.


Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?

The story of a hot indoor-ag startup offers a window onto the potential and the pitfalls of the new greenhouse-tech movement.

Business & Technology

Amazon might be opening hundreds of bookstores

An Amazon bookstore could soon be coming to a mall near you.


Greenland is melting and dumping phosphorous into the Arctic Ocean

And as plankton munches on that phosphorous, its impact could ripple up the food chain.


Shaming homeless people? There’s an app for that — or is there?

SnapCamp is either a horrible idea or a smart commentary on the tech industry.


What climate hawks can learn from Martin O’Malley’s quixotic campaign

The Democratic long-shot talked up the climate issue, but he didn't find a way to get voters to feel it.

Can California meet its climate goals without this major nuclear plant?

The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant provides one-tenth of California electricity, but it might be shut down.