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Climate & Energy

FEMA report: Climate change could increase areas at risk of flood by 45 percent

A landmark study finds climate change could have a huge impact on the National Flood Insurance Program.

Climate & Energy

Terrifying/hilarious TransCanada docs call Keystone XL protesters terrorists

TransCanada's presentation to law enforcement agencies says the protesters are potentially violent. Protesters respond: WTF?


Look who’s squealing now: GMO lovers freak over new study of sick pigs

Australian researchers recently found that genetically modified feed caused severe stomach inflammation in pigs. Critics of the study, who say these foods can cause no harm, flipped a lid.


The garden plot thickens: Taking guerrilla gardening to the next level

Unsatisfied with seed bombing, Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, reclaims a garbage-strewn staircase landing.


Organic farming sucks (up carbon)

We know that organic practices help reduce greenhouse gases -- but which practices, exactly, are doing the good work?


Island in the sun: Why are our cities heating up faster than everywhere else?

Urban heat islands are considerably hotter than their more rural surrounds. Here's why.

Climate & Energy

Utilities and distributed energy: Further reading

If you're as fascinated by utilities as we are, you'll want to follow these links to more reports and articles covering the spread of distributed energy and utilities' efforts to adapt.


Urban ag-tivists take over San Francisco condo construction site

Activists say they're fighting private development of urban farmland. But is this the best way to do it?


No more ferry tales for New Orleans

Without a funding miracle, The Big Easy's famous Canal St. ferry is likely to go under.