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Freaked-out climate scientists urge other freaked-out climate scientists to speak up, fight Man

Can we make the radical changes needed to stave off climate chaos? No, say scientists Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows, not "within orthodox political and economic constraints."

Climate & Energy

Fracking FAQ: The science and technology behind the natural gas boom

Find out six things you should know about the high-tech drilling explosion that’s coming soon to a backyard gas field near you.


Stay out of the water: A toxic algae slideshow

As summer comes to a close, as many as 20 states have reported green slime caused by industrial agriculture in their lakes and waterways. As these photos illustrate, it's a problem that has become hard …


Growing Power scores $5 million to feed our nation’s hungriest cities

Will Allen's urban farming powerhouse plans to put a sizable grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation toward funding “community food centers” in Detroit, New Orleans, and parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, and New Mexico.


Jill Stein wants to #Occupy the White House

The Green Party presidential candidate braves cops to stump on the People's Mic at Occupy Wall Street's first birthday bash.

Climate & Energy

Alison Gannett: Extreme skier turned climate hawk

If we don't buck up and start behaving, we can kiss our powder days good-bye. So this world-champion downhiller is taking her message to boardrooms across the country to help major brands cut carbon by …

Climate & Energy

Yikes: Avoiding dangerous climate change is still possible, but just barely

The chances of stopping catastrophic global temperature rise are not nil, exactly, but they are slim-to-nil, according to a new report prepared for the U.K. government. David Roberts analyzes our chances.


Toxic green slime has taken over the lakes of America. Again.

It's late summer, and that means toxic algae blooms fueled by conventional fertilizers and factory farms are taking over lakes in the Midwest. Run for your lives!


Ask Umbra: What’s that stuff in my bra?

A reader wonders about what’s in those newfangled foam rubber bras. Umbra makes the big reveal, and offers some uplifting alternatives.