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Industrial Agriculture

GMO sugar beets get the green light

Last week, the USDA fully deregulated herbicide resistant sugar beets. And while the shift isn't a surprise to most advocates, it does hint at larger problems within the system.

Farm Bill

The lesser of two evils: Why food advocates are pushing for a farm bill they don’t love

Sustainable food advocates don't like the farm bills drafted by the House or the Senate, but they're pushing Congress to pass a final bill before the current one runs out Sept. 30 anyway.

Factory Farms

Why should EPA regulators investigate factory farm pollution when they can go get a beer instead?

The EPA doesn't know where most factory farms are, nor what they're polluting -- and yet it just reversed a rule that would have helped clean water regulators find out.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Should I buy a refurbished laptop for college?

A reader asks if it does the planet any good to buy a used computer rather than a new one. Umbra takes a byte out of the question.


The great cities vs. suburbs rivalry, and why it matters

The cities are winning! No, the ’burbs are! Why do we bicker about census numbers?


Babes in bikeland: Advice for cycling with kids

A request for advice on biking with kids elicited a flood of enthusiastic and inspiring insights from parents about the joys of cycling with little ones.

Sustainable Farming

For young farmers: No land, but plenty of climate change to go around

While making a documentary about young farmers in New Jersey, a filmmaker noticed that the extreme weather became the star of the show.

Climate Change

Rising waters: Close encounters with climate change on the Hudson

Two men set out by motorcycle to talk to everyday folks about their experiences with extreme weather. In this episode of Slow Ride Stories, an interview with a sailing captain and his crew.

Climate & Energy

Why is the U.S. government so bullish on coal predictions?

The Department of Energy has a more favorable outlook for coal than virtually any other major forecasting institution.