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The bizarre and fascinating history of lead in gasoline

The story of how lead got in gasoline -- and stayed there for decades -- is endlessly fascinating.


Sims’ city: Urban America, as seen by Obama’s former HUD boss

Former HUD bigwig Ron Sims talks about Obama’s urban policies, suburban sprawl, and tackling unemployment and the climate crisis at the same time.

The fight over lead: It’s like all pollution fights rolled into one

We could be learning a lot from the fight to clean up lead pollution. But we're not.


Congress extends farm bill, still manages to screw sustainable farmers

When Congress passed a nine-month farm bill extension as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, it disappointed sustainable food advocates around the country.


The Greenie Pig’s guide to a cleaner, more sustainable 2013

Grist’s green-living pioneer has spent the past year trying to be a little kinder to the planet. Interested in doing the same? Here are five simple guidelines.

Climate & Energy

Fiscal fiasco bright spot: 2013 will be a huge year for wind

The fiscal deal extends a key tax credit for the wind industry for one year, and changes it in a way that will prod a lot of development in 2013.


Chilling effect: How warmer winters could ruin fruit

Warmer temperatures and less predictable weather can make for confused trees and less fruit. Here's why.

10, 9, 8, 7 … Counting down the most popular Grist stories of 2012

Rescued ducks, a crime scene involving a 3,500-year-old tree, and 40 million McMansions that nobody wants -- these are the things you were reading about last year when you should have been studying up on …


Street scenes: 12 great cities stories from 2012

From street artists to Martin Luther King, and gun violence to our odd, sometimes nonsensical obsession with Jane Jacobs -- these are our favorite city-related stories from the past year.