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Blame it all on my roots: Local food sees a resurgence in the South

A growing cadre of farmers, chefs, activists, and consumers is moving Alabama back to its rich and sustainable agricultural heritage.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Is it ‘cheating’ to ride an electric bike?

A reader thinks a motorized bicycle would make riding easier, but it feels like cheating. Umbra makes the call.


The ‘war on coal’ is a myth

The number of coal jobs has increased in recent years; industry claims of a "war on coal" just aim to distract voters from the real war Big Coal wages on their health and the environment.


A trip through the United States of Arugula [VIDEO]

In the Perennial Plate series finale, see some of the most memorable moments from a yearlong road trip documenting real food in America.

Energy Policy

Before Rio Earth Summit, let’s put pressure on world leaders to end fossil fuel subsidies

In 2009, world leaders promised to gradually phase out fossil fuel subsidies. It's time to give them a push in the right direction as the Rio Earth Summit approaches.


Coal industry pays fake activists $50 to wear pro-coal shirts at public hearing

Apparently unable to find real activists, the coal industry paid astroturfers $50 to wear pro-coal T-shirts at a recent EPA hearing.

Energy Policy

Senate Republicans join House in second-guessing military leaders on biofuels

The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted to prevent the military from pursuing biofuels initiatives. So much for energy security and patriotism.


Jam session: Go unconventional with vanilla-rhubarb preserves [RECIPE]

Get ready to find a place in your heart for this sophisticated spring jam, which includes a real vanilla pod and Earl Gray tea.


Greens break silence, ask Obama to attend Earth Summit

A coalition of 22 groups representing environmentalists, doctors, scientists, and American Indian tribes tells the president it’s time for him to lead on sustainability.