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Feeding the trolls: Meeting with a climate denier, face to face

Climate Desk explores who gets to define the truth about climate change in the digital age.


Ask Umbra: Which sunscreen should I use?

A reader wonders how to protect herself from the summer rays without slathering herself in toxic goo. Umbra has her covered.

Climate & Energy

America’s first climate refugees: How climate change eats the Alaskan coast

Climate change has accelerated the normal process of erosion along Alaska's rivers and coasts.

Climate & Energy

America’s first climate refugees: “It’s happening now … The village is sinking”

Residents of Newtok, Alaska, know they must evacuate, but who will pay the $130 million cost of moving them?

Climate & Energy

Draft fed rules would let frackers do whatever they want, but they’re still not happy

Environmentalists were dismayed by draft fracking rules released a year ago, but hoped the administration would tighten them up in the next round. The opposite happened.


Moniz confirmed as energy secretary, McCarthy’s EPA nomination advances

The Senate confirmed Ernest Moniz as the new energy secretary, and Gina McCarthy's nomination as EPA administrator cleared a committee.


Undead farm bill: Everyone’s favorite legislative zombie shuffles on

Congress bakes up a ginormous gift to corporate ag, which may well collapse and die. But don’t start celebrating yet.

Climate & Energy

America’s first climate refugees: Can a baked Alaska deny climate change?

From Palin to Parnell, Alaska's politicians have struggled to reconcile policy with actuality.

Climate & Energy

What the frack do we know? Not much, it turns out

A new report in the journal Science discovers there are a lot of things about fracking we don’t know. But since we've fracked half the country anyway, we're going to find out.