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Climate and energy get no love on day one of Democratic convention

Michelle Obama, Julian Castro, and other headliners generated a lot of energy -- just not the kind you can power a house or a car with.

Climate & Energy

The futility of climatespotting: No matter what he says, Obama can’t make big moves on climate

Climate hawks have been reduced to "climatespotting," counting the number of times "climate change" is uttered by a politician. Given political gridlock, it's a pointless exercise.

Climate & Energy

Conservative pundit David Brooks: What if Obama made climate his top priority?

New York Times columnist David Brooks suggests Obama put climate at his campaign's center. Is he for real? And what if the president took his advice?


Fruits of old: Chicago gears up for an urban heirloom fruit orchard

Urban orchards are the new staple of second-wave urban agriculture. Now Chicago is upping the ante with one geared entirely toward heirloom varieties of fruit.


Ask Umbra: Why do bike tires suck?

A reader asks why he’s always pumping up his bike tires. Umbra’s answer is absolutely airtight.

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Did climate change cause the Great Lobster Invasion of 2012?

The Slow Ride Stories crew takes this question to the guys who know this creature best -- the lobstermen of Glocester, Mass. The answer? Well, depends who you’re asking.


Melon madness: How my food waste obsession took over my weekend

What do you do when someone brings a dozen melons to a family holiday getaway? If you're worried about preventing food waste, you get creative. Very creative.

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Obama to college students: ‘Denying climate change won’t make it stop’

Obama doesn't like to talk much about climate change -- except to select audiences of those who will suffer the most from global warming: college students.


As Romney and Ryan lie with abandon, how should journalists navigate post-truth politics?

Journalists like to be even-handed, but when one side lies with no compunction, that's not so easy.