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Occupy Wall Street 2.0: A chat with the editor of Adbusters

Adbusters' Kalle Lasn is largely credited for conceptualizing and starting the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park. Here, he talks about his vision for the future.

Beyond hugging trees: Russian forest activist puts her life on the line, inspires democracy movement

Evgenia Chirikova won a Goldman Environmental Prize for her crusade to stop an illegal road through a preserved forest outside Moscow. Her work has inspired activists all over Russia -- and now the world.

Sustainable Farming

Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’

Is sustainable meat production possible? Polyface Farm's Joel Salatin takes on a recent New York Times op-ed point by point.

Industrial Agriculture

The mother who stood up to Monsanto in Argentina

A winner of this year's Goldman Environmental Prize, Sofia Gatica organized women in her city to study the health effects of agrochemicals in the soy fields and worked to get a dangerous pesticide banned. Now …


Share and share a bike: A fresh way to find a rental cycle

A new peer-to-peer bike-sharing site connects bike owners with bike renters just about anywhere.

Climate & Energy

Sooty cloud: A visit to Apple’s coal-powered data center

Some companies' server farms have moved toward cleaner fuel sources. Apple lags. Climate Desk paid a visit to the site of Apple's new North Carolina center.


How Huffington Post aided a demolition job on climate science

By reporting a climate-denialist stunt without probing its sources and context, the now Pulitzer-garlanded HuffPost participated in "verification in reverse" -- ripping up facts that were once nailed down.

Food Safety

Where ‘the whole animal’ meets pink slime

How do we balance what we've learned about pink slime in recent weeks with important messages about eating meat more efficiently and reducing our overall intake?