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Smooth as Silk: How big brands milk small farmers for all they’re worth

Very few companies control most of the food we eat. In this example, we look at the outsized effect the Silk brand has had on the organic soy industry.


A green Salt Lake City? Thank the Mormon pioneers, says Sustainability Director Vicki Bennett

A forward-thinking mayor and progressive community help the cause, too.

Climate & Energy

Climate and Hurricane Sandy: What’s in a name?

Plumbing the storm's names and nicknames leads to some useful takeaways for communicating about climate change.

Climate & Energy

Climate change made Sandy worse. Period.

One symptom of climate change -- rising sea levels -- made superstorm Sandy directly and unmistakably worse.

Climate & Energy

Does Michigan’s clean-energy loss mean that greens are outgunned at the state level?

Michiganders voted down a requirement for 25 percent clean power by 2025. Blame a torrent of dirty-energy spending, which we'll be seeing more of in the future, says David Roberts.


What we can learn from California’s attempt to label GMOs

The odds of success were long. California's flawed initiative process certainly didn't help.


Umbra’s second helpings: Stressing out

The elections have you frazzled? Umbra says to chill the frack out.


Out of the cage and onto the grass: Helping pastured eggs go mainstream

Austin's Vital Farms helps egg producers who want to transition to a pasture-based model, then markets and distributes their eggs around the country. Now it's using crowdfunding to help get more chickens out on pasture.


Americans are apparently not as infatuated with cars as we thought

The elections were a mixed bag for all things urban, but despite a couple of big losses, mass transit came out smelling like roses.