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The greenest Fourth of July

Fireworks displays are powered by fossil fuels and chemicals. Luckily, nature offers a captivating green alternative: lightning bugs.

Climate & Energy

Coal and China: Bad, but maybe not as bad as you think

China's been binging on coal, but that's not going to continue forever, says Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Business & Technology

We can’t solve our environmental problems without business

“If business isn’t developing solutions to our sustainability issues, they won’t be developed,” says Andy Hoffman, a professor of sustainable enterprise at the University of Michigan.


The perfect Fourth of July side dish

Planning to grill on the Fourth? This foolproof summer side will please a crowd (and you only need to buy four ingredients).

Fossil Fuels

The new fossil-fuel glut: Less glutty than you think

Michael Liebreich, head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, talks with David Roberts about whether this supposed "oil glut" deserves the hype.


After the Earth Summit, young people push for real change

World leaders failed to deliver in Rio. But there was other progress, and a call for fundamental economic change. Now, says one young observer, it’s time to raise some hell.


Primal time: How green is the ‘caveman diet’?

A curious eater visits PrimalCon and wonders: Is it possible to stick to the paleo diet without ruining the environment?

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Who doesn’t celebrate the Fourth of July with rats and dandruff?

Readers launch a volley of questions at our green advice columnist. She responds with a veritable anthem of eco-smarts.


Local haterade: Authors say locavores do more harm than good

In their book, "The Locavore's Dilemma," Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu argue that a widespread embrace of local food could have "disastrous effects." We wanted to know more.