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Oil-rig wasteland: How the election looks from 37,000 feet

What's at stake in this election? Nothing that isn't laid bare on a flight over the West's booming, and devastated, gas fields.

Business & Technology

Blinded by science: The allure of the technological fix after Hurricane Sandy

Structural protection and technological solutions alone can't keep us safe from climate-related disasters -- and assuming as much can end up causing even more damage.


The most brutal ad you’ll see this election

Remember when Mitt Romney mocked efforts to "slow the rise of the oceans"? That joke's not so funny this week, as a hard-hitting new ad points out.


NYC’s urban farms face a climate reality check

For New York's urban farms, Hurricane Sandy was more than a discouraging blow -- it was a reason to reevaluate what it means to grow food in a city limited by the realities of climate …


Breaking: Portland sustainability chief admits ‘Portlandia’ isn’t really a parody

Sustainability boss Susan Anderson explains how America's green capitol got that way -- and how Portland faces challenges that go beyond making sure the cool kids have enough food trucks.


Umbra’s second helpings: DIY shampoo [VIDEO]

Grist's green advice columnist whips up some recipes for shampoo and conditioner that work just as well as the store-bought stuff -- and double as salad dressing in a pinch.


Factory farms raise a stink — and they might raise your blood pressure too

A recent study found that people living near CAFOs experience stress-related blood pressure spikes when farm odors are at their worst.

Climate & Energy

Craig Childs: The man who’s been to the end of the world

This writer and adventurer traveled to the far corners of the globe in search of scenes of collapse and destruction. He came back weirdly heartened.


With climate endorsement, Bloomberg draws a line in the Sandy

The New York mayor's endorsement was less a push for Obama's electoral victory than a shove to get climate back on the national agenda.