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While you were worrying about trains, your car was trying to kill you

I had to get from Philadelphia to New York. Sure, Amtrak just wrecked a train. But it's not like the highway is safer.

Let them eat kale

Kale may be coming to a McDonald’s near you

To help revive declining sales, the fast-food chain is testing a new kale breakfast bowl at locations across southern California.

Mi kink es su kink

When it comes to sex dungeons, sharing is caring!

A new company, KinkBnB, is connecting homeowners and kinksters in an AirBnB-like service.

Green Screen

Mad Max: Fury Road may be the Anthropocene at its worst — but it makes for pretty sick cinema

In Mad Max: Fury Road, humanity has done the irrevocable damage it had long been warned about, and now lives out its final days in mayhem.

Business & Technology

Google’s self-driving cars will hit California streets this summer

The prototypes will make their debut on public roads in just a couple short months.

These cute kittens rode in a cargo bike from Amsterdam to London

This company features a cat butthole in their logo and that's not even the weirdest thing it's done.

Climate & Energy

The 4 big climate trends we’re tracking this year

From Paris to pipelines, here's what Grist is paying close attention to -- and how you can help.

Climate & Energy

Shell says eff you to Seattle

The oil giant is bringing its Arctic drilling rig to the famously green city despite heavy resistance, and Seattle is saying eff you right back.

Climate & Energy

All eyes are on Seattle as it fights Shell’s dirty Arctic plans

"Kayaktivists" are taking to the water this weekend to protest Shell's decision to moor its Arctic drilling rig at Seattle's port.