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Is Obama blocking smart hydropower development?

Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski says the president is standing in the way of fully developing this renewable energy source. Is she right?


It’s not just clean water: Flint’s undocumented immigrants can’t access medical lead testing

English-only materials and ID requirements for lead testing confound one of the most vulnerable populations in a city whose waters are poisoned.


Climate change is about to give these fuzzy creatures a rough wake-up call

Animals that rely on snow to stay warm in the winter are gonna be a lot colder when there's less snow around.

Climate & Energy

Maps show how sea-level rise will swallow Trump’s properties

Climate change will have a big effect on Donald Trump’s buildings in Florida and Hawaii. Listening now, Donnie Boy?

Climate change is already changing bird migration

Should we follow?

Why I blocked an oil train — and why you should engage in climate disobedience too

The shock of nonviolent civil disobedience is needed to make our political system function again.


Denmark preps for climate change by building parks that can transform into ponds

Let's hope this new water infrastructure plan puts the "cope" in Copenhagen.

Florida mayors to Marco Rubio: Stop ignoring climate change

Fifteen Florida leaders have a message for the presidential hopeful.

Climate & Energy

Doomsday Clock says the world is still pretty screwed despite the Paris accord

But don't worry -- this isn't a real clock, just a symbol of how freaked out people are.