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These celebs want GMOs labeled

With the vote on GMO labeling in California only a month away, guess who's going public about the issue?


Chipotle in hot salsa over tomato pickers’ rights

Activists are pushing Chipotle -- the one large fast food chain known for ethical meat -- to embrace a higher standard for workers. Will it work?


The coming plague: How humans are changing the landscape of disease

Disease ecologist James Holland Jones talks about the Black Death, “suspended snot,” and the power of what Obi-Wan Kenobi once called a “wretched hive of scum and villainy" in spreading global pandemics.


Ralph Nader bashes Obama for being weak on climate, Keystone

Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader is accusing Obama of ignoring climate change and courting fossil-fuel donors.


And now for something really surprising: Sugary drinks linked to weight gain

New research backs up larger efforts to limit kids' access to soda, but the findings are also more complex than they may sound.


A road map for urban agriculture in N.Y.C.

The new Five Borough Farm report lays out a clear vision for the future of urban farming in the Big Apple.


This election season, Americans pony up for public transportation

With federal funding for mass transit flagging, locals seek to pick up the slack with ballot-approved tax measures. So far, it seems to be working.


Saved by the bell: How recess makes kids healthy, smart, and well-adjusted

Spurred by studies that show that kids need physical activity not just for their health, but also for social and academic development, schools are reinstating an old standard.

Climate & Energy

Three ways to fix the climate in 2012 and beyond

How can we move Americans more quickly toward climate action? Here are three answers.