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Born to bee wild: How feral pollinators may help prevent colony collapse disorder

Some scientists believe that crossbreeding with wild bees may be key to preserving the domestic honeybee. But will anyone pay attention in time?


Where the Rio action is: Behind the Earth Summit bureaucracy

While international bureaucrats dicker endlessly with their “zero document,” bands of stalwart scientists and diplomats are fighting to address massive issues that impact us all -- starting with our oceans.

Why aren’t women’s issues on the agenda at Rio+20?

Including family planning and reproductive health in the Earth Summit agenda should be a no-brainer.


U.S. coal lobbies frantically to save its doomed-ass self

The U.S. coal industry is going down the crapper, and even Dale Earnhardt Jr. can't save it.

Grist’s psychotronic climate billboard generator

Can't get enough of Heartland's nutso climate billboards? Neither can we. So we made our own magic billboard with an endless supply of pure truth and homespun wisdom from more notorious killers, tyrants, and psychos. …

Inside Grist

Rap battle: Save us from ourselves [VIDEO]

Dawg, we're cursed, this $#*! is wack -- gotta speak in verse, so we're spittin' rap. Now we don't mean to put on the squeeze, but we need your help to earn some G's.

Factory Farms

Do the feds care about antibiotics in animal feed?

Did you know ethanol producers use antibiotics to control the fermentation process? Then those drugs end up in the grain by-products we're feeding to livestock and dairy cows? We asked the FDA if they have …


Re-Whiting history: Richard White on managing our un-pristine planet

The award-winning environmental historian says humans have had a massive impact on the environment for centuries. Is it different now, in the "Anthropocene"? Yes and no.

Industrial Agriculture

‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary reveals tragic toll of GMOs in India

A new film offers an intimate look at the lives of farmers who become so mired in debt growing genetically modified seed they take their own lives.