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Save the median strip! Or, how to annoy E.O. Wilson

Emma Marris, author of "Rambunctious Garden," challenged noted conservationist E.O. Wilson by arguing that we should learn to value all types of nature -- human-altered places as well as pristine landscapes.


Romney’s energy plan: How many times can you say ‘oil’?

Mentions of oil: 154. Mentions of climate: 0.

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Paradise lost in Palau: Island nation fights back against climate change

Threatened by encroaching seas, the tiny island nation of Palau is taking legal action with the U.N. to hold the industrialized world accountable for damage caused by climate change.


Don’t toss your cookies: Curbing the crisis of food waste

Almost half the food in the U.S. goes uneaten, and every part of the supply chain is to blame -- including you and me. But we can do better.


Elephants in the room: Urban poverty, climate change, and other problems we love to ignore

When times get tough, Americans seem incapable of having rational discussions about our most pressing issues. As a result, they’ve been erased from the political discourse. The implications are downright ugly.


Beyond chicken patties: How to improve school lunch without spending more

As kids go back to school this month, cafeteria expert Kate Adamick is working with parents and school administrators to rethink school lunch budgeting in radical new ways.


New guide helps you scrimp and save without eating toxic junk

Have you ever been shopping for groceries and wished someone would help you find the foods that are the least toxic and processed for the best price? A new guide does just that.

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Four new ways climate activists can organize in an age of extreme weather

Climate chaos has kicked into high gear this summer. That means new opportunities for activists.

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Hey, weather man: Where’s the climate coverage?

TV viewers want meteorologists to explain why their country's on fire. Will weathercasters embrace the responsibility when they meet this week at their annual conference?