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Climate & Energy

Power plant emissions hit a 27-year low — and Obama’s plan hasn’t even kicked in yet

With a chart!


Watch Jon Stewart roast climate deniers — and more classic moments from The Daily Show

Jon Stewart's 16-year reign at The Daily Show is ending. Here are some classic green moments from the show.


Does it matter if my salad greens come in a bag or a box?

If you just can't deal with washing your lettuce yourself, is it better to go for a plastic bag or a plastic box? Umbra has a clear answer.

Climate & Energy

How dirty is your air? This map shows you

See air pollution problem spots in the U.S. and the world, and see the locations of the dirtiest power plants. Hint: They're not unrelated.

Strawberry fields not forever

For strawberries, it’s diversify or die

A pesticide ban is about to make life harder than ever for strawberry growers -- but the rule might also spur some creative solutions.

Climate & Energy

Want to survive climate change? Move here

It may look pretty bad now, but it'll be great in about 80 years.

Climate & Energy

Chart: All the emissions, state by state

New tools for visualizing greenhouse gas emissions make it easier than ever to understand the lay of the land.


This video of Earth and the stuff we put on it is mesmerizing

Grab your headphones and give it a watch.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how a Republican president could undermine the Clean Power Plan

Will Obama's new climate rules for power plants make a difference? That all depends on the next occupant of the White House.