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The Bot Digest

Will drones save the rhinos? Some conservationists say it’s launch time

Drones send privacy advocates into a tizzy. But can camera-equipped bots help enforce environmental regs?

Climate & Energy

George Harrison memorial tree falls victim to climate-driven irony

The tree was killed by, you guessed it: beetles.

Climate & Energy

Earth crushes another temperature record; not getting much love from the stands

June marked the 352nd consecutive hotter-than-average month. It's a streak that would make Barry Bonds blush.


Millions alive today would have to die before the paleo diet could take over

There's some sensible thinking behind the trendy diet, but it's fueled by a "press reset" mentality that distracts us from more realistic solutions to food problems.

Hatin' it

Good news: Mother jailed for sending daughter to playground is freed. Bad news: McDonald’s fires her

It is believed that Harrell let her daughter go to the playground alone because she couldn't afford childcare. But daycare will be even farther out of reach without a job.

Climate & Energy

The strange relationship between global warming denial and … speaking English

Climate denial isn't a worldwide delusion. It's a distinctly Anglophone one.

Climate & Energy

The NHL is out to punch climate change in the mouth

Without those frozen ponds where the Gretzky’s and Lemieuxs fall in love with the game, there is no hockey, and the NHL knows it has a role in saving those ponds.

Climate & Energy

D.C. scraps climate art installation, says it sends the wrong message

Mia Feuer's half-submerged gas station was slated for a lake near the Anacostia River, which neighbors have worked for years to clean up.


Slaughter-free milk is great for cows, but not the environment

Just think about all the methane those geezer cows emit during their long retirement.

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