Fossil Fuels

Why Michele Bachmann thinks she can get gas under $2 a gallon

Michele Bachmann isn't crazy -- she's just horribly misinformed. At least in this particular instance: When Bachmann promised that if she became president, gas would be under $2 a gallon, her statement was entirely consistent with the voodoo alternate energy universe she and countless right-wing conspiracy theorists happen to inhabit.

Bachmann promises $2 gas, unicorns

When I was in the fourth grade I took a lot of crap for not voting for Ty for class president, because he said he would give us double recess and free ice cream. I found those claims doubtful, and also Ty was kind of a dick, so I didn't vote for him, but everyone else did and they made fun of me. What I'm saying is, if you believe Michele Bachmann's claim that she can get gas back under $2 a gallon, then you should break out your Bieber tee and your juice box, because you are essentially an eight-year-old with a peer pressure problem. And you're going to be waiting a long time for that ice cream.

Fossil Fuels

Mark Ruffalo wants you to fight the tar sands

Actor Mark Ruffalo explains why you should join him and thousands of others in protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 20.

Fossil Fuels

After North Sea oil spill, Shell plans to continue Arctic drilling

The Interior Department acknowledges the effects of climate change in the region but approves more drilling for fossil fuels there.

Trucks and buses get efficiency standards for the first time ever

President Obama has announced the first ever emissions standards for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. They'll be shooting for a 9 to 23 percent reduction in fuel consumption by 2018, depending on the type of vehicle. Big rigs will need to achieve approximately a 20 percent reduction, for example; garbage trucks will need more like 10 percent.

Tar-sands emissions could negate all other Canadian carbon cuts

A report from Canada's environmental agency predicts that the rise in greenhouse-gas emissions associated with mining tar-sands oils will be more than double the decrease in the country's emissions from other sources. Environment Canada said in its emissions trends report that the country could avoid 31 megatons in emissions by 2020. Most of those savings come from switching out natural gas for coal in electricity generation. But in that same period, emissions from tar-sands oil could rise by 62 megatons, the report said.

Solar-powered oil field runs on sunshine, irony

Put on your coal-fired vegan anti-irony helmets, because Oman is building a solar-powered oil field. Not because it will make them feel good or help them tamp down their emissions (I mean, this is oil they're digging up) but because it makes economic sense.

Want to save energy? Stop wasting water

Turns out one of the single biggest sources of energy use in your home doesn't even show up in the electricity section of your utility bill. 

Fossil Fuels

Fossil-fuel industries push for a Great Outdoors Giveaway

More than 70 million acres of public land would lose protection under a bill in the U.S. House. Who's behind it? Oil, gas, and coal companies.