Fossil Fuels

Mitt Romney's energy policy crafted by coal-funded shill

It should surprise no one that Mitt Romney's pro-coal, anti-carbon regulations energy plan was crafted by a coal zombie, but here are the deets anyway: Jim Talent, a key Romney advisor, leads a lobbying firm that took $125,000 from Peabody …

Ad claims tar-sands oil will save women

A group called Ethical Oil, the brainchild of neocon Alykhan Velshi, is running an ad touting Keystone XL as the savior of women in Saudi Arabia. Because suddenly conservatives care about women's rights.

Switching from coal to natural gas would accelerate climate change, say scientists

Here is a terrifying, crazy-making truth: Getting off coal will accelerate climate change, at least in the short term.

How Obama kinda completely missed the boat in his jobs speech

Let's you and me sit down and have some RealTalk™ for a minute: President Obama's jobs speech last night was about as good as it could get -- in the absence of any mention of the core driver of our …

The conservative game plan on energy subsidies

Some progressives and Democrats think they can work with Republicans to cut subsidies to dirty energy, but they're getting played.

The dilemma of growth, as dramatized by the voices in my head

Is continued economic growth inevitable and necessary to drive improvements in the human condition? Or is continued economic growth impossible, constrained by biophysical limitations? I let the two sides battle it out in my brain.

Letter from prison: Tim DeChristopher speaks

From a prison in Utah, climate activist Tim DeChristopher speaks out with a handwritten letter to Grist extolling the power of words.

Don’t run with green scissors

A new "Green Scissors" report proposes to trim government spending by eliminating "subsidies and programs that both harm the environment and waste taxpayer dollars."

Fracking sadface: U.S. has one-fifth the shale gas once projected

"Oops," says the United States Geological Survey, "We used to think the shale on the East coast of the U.S., which gas companies are currently fracking into submission, had a metric buttload of natural gas. Turns out it only 0.2 …