Industrial Agriculture

Farm Bill 2012

Politicians, advocates make an 11th-hour push for a better farm bill

Do you have something to say about the $85 billion bill that will shape the nation's food and farming landscape for the next five years? Congress is digging down into the details, but it's not too late to chime in.

Sustainable Farming

Put it in your pipe and grow it: Former tobacco farms evolve

The 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement didn't just pay for health damages and counter-marketing, it's also been quietly helping farmers in North Carolina rebuild their local food system.

Industrial Agriculture

A growing problem: Notes from the ‘superweed’ summit

What did hundreds of scientists and Big Ag executives decide when they met last week to discuss the mounting crisis of herbicide-resistant 'superweeds'? That they should spray more herbicides, of course.

Sustainable Farming

University strikes back against Occupy the Farm

Those occupying the Gill Tract, a 10-acre plot just outside of Berkeley, say they won't leave until they know it will be farmed sustainably. Meanwhile, the University of California -- owner of the property -- is losing its patience.


Cows cause as much smog in L.A. as cars do

L.A. gets a bad rap for its car culture. But it turns out that Americans’ addiction to milk, cheese, and other delicious dairy products plays just as big a role in the city’s smog problem these days. Scientific American reports …

Industrial Agriculture

Proposed law would keep California farmworkers from overheating

For farmworkers, ensuring you have shade and water in a farm field isn't as easy as most people think. Now, some advocates in California are trying to change that.


Born to bee wild: How feral pollinators may help prevent colony collapse disorder

Some scientists believe that crossbreeding with wild bees may be key to preserving the domestic honeybee. But will anyone pay attention in time?

Industrial Agriculture

‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary reveals tragic toll of GMOs in India

A new film offers an intimate look at the lives of farmers who become so mired in debt growing genetically modified seed they take their own lives.


Science says: Cut that steak in half to keep the climate in check

In their continuing efforts to go beyond CO2, some scientists have been looking seriously at the impact of nitrous oxide on the climate, and results point to a very familiar refrain: Eat more plants, less meat.