Inside Grist

  • Shake hands with our new design

    On the pages of this blog you’ll see the first phase of some redecorating, and rethinking, that’s going to unfold here at Grist in coming weeks and months. Let us know what you think!

  • First post: Your new editor’s blog

    Our first new feature since moving to WordPress: a place for us to let you know what’s happening here at Grist, and for you to tell us how we’re doing.

  • Why the latest geek cause really does matter to the planet, too

    Congress is busy trying to wreck the internet again in the name of cracking down on piracy. Today, Grist joins many other online groups in opposing the latest proposals to, in effect, censor the online world.

  • We’ve been working under the hood

    Today, Grist is switching our publishing system. You shouldn’t notice any big changes for now. But since this is technology we’re dealing with here, glitches are always possible — so help us out and let us know if you see …