Grist List


Ben & Jerry’s is going GMO-free

Gotta hand it to Ben & Jerry's: It knows how to please its core audience (the hippies, at least; not necessarily the recently dumped).


Caffeine withdrawal is a legit mental disorder now

Surprising zero coffee drinkers anywhere, denying someone her caffeine is a BAD IDEA.


These adorable dogs protect endangered penguins, make your heart grow three sizes

Little penguins -- real name -- are coming back from the brink of extinction, thanks to two badass sheepdogs.


Burger King has invented a way for you to eat a burger while riding your bike

We get it -- you want to ride your bike, like we keep telling you to, but you're hampered by the fast-food burgers you're double-fisting. Well, your long nightmare is over.


Certified bat pick-up artist can’t find lady bats after looking for six whole years

“There have to be females. It’s just that we can’t find them, and it’s very embarrassing.”


Watch what happens when this toddler figures out his food is animals

We're not saying you should stop eating animals. We're just saying that if you don't, this 2-year-old may be more ethically conscious than you.


Bike-part vending machines can rescue you from an unexpected breakdown

In NYC, a network of bike vending machines will provide round-the-clock access to tubes, patch kits, and other sundry bike necessities.


Your mud-soaked festival tent could become beautiful gift wrap

A brave company called Wrag Wrap is going to raid that pile of broken-down tents and transform the gleanings into reusable gift wrap.


Plants sweat, and it’s beautiful

Some plants deal with extra moisture using a process that makes them look like they're wearing a jeweled tiara. Nature is so weird and pretty sometimes.

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