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Climate & Energy

It’s so hot in Arizona, you can bake cookies in a car

Hey, the hotter it gets, the more places you can bake cookies! Bring on global warming!

Climate & Energy

These time-lapse videos of volcanoes will blow your mind a little

These videos will make you wish you were a sacrificial virgin just so you could get a closer look.


Twin sea otters floating around on their mom are the cutest, saddest thing you’ll see today

If you're a twin baby sea otter, you're really rare, really cute -- and really in danger.

Climate & Energy

Stop maligning the Flat Earth Society by saying it doesn’t believe in climate change

I hereby call this meeting of the Flat Earth Society to order. People, we have a problem on our hands ...


This entire Buddhist temple complex is made from recycled beer bottles

If you start collecting Heineken and Chang beer bottles in 1984, you end up with a lot of bottles. Enough to build a complex of 20 buildings.


Dissolvable paper helmet is probably better than nothing

The Paper Pulp Helmet is a cheap, water-resistant shell of recycled newspaper that can be broken back down into paper pulp and reformed again and again.


This is the cutest possible way to eat animals

These cute-as-hell dumplings allow you to harmlessly bite the head off a hedgehog. That's what you wanted, right?


Thanks to this Spanish town, your car could one day run on poop

Let's break this down: Poopy water plus sunlight equals algae. Equals fuel in your tank. Magic!


This might be the prettiest photo of Earth from space we’ve ever seen

A photo by ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano looks like a work of abstract art.