Grist List


Attention rich people who want to waste fuel: Uber will be offering helicopter rides to the Hamptons

For one day, fancy machers with beach homes will be able to summon a car that will drive to a helicopter that will take off and land in East Hampton.


After you die, your remains can help save a coral reef

It makes at least as much sense as burying a person in the ground and putting a stone on top.


15-year-old creates flashlight that runs on body heat

The flashlight gets its power from plates that create electricity using a heat differential -- one side needs to be hot and the other cool.


Farmers are feeding their pigs marijuana so you can eat pot-infused bacon

It's recycling for foodie stoners! A pig farmer and butcher have paired up to feed pigs the dregs from a weed dispensary and then make marijuana pork chops.

Business & Technology

Your cheap watery beer now comes with less guilt

This MillerCoors facility in Colorado churns out 1,620 tons of waste every year -- and now 99.7 percent of it is recycled or reused.

Business & Technology

Disabled duck gets new foot thanks to 3D printing

So far, from what we've seen, the greatest purpose of 3D printing is making spare parts for birds.

Climate & Energy

It’s so hot in Arizona, you can bake cookies in a car

Hey, the hotter it gets, the more places you can bake cookies! Bring on global warming!

Climate & Energy

These time-lapse videos of volcanoes will blow your mind a little

These videos will make you wish you were a sacrificial virgin just so you could get a closer look.


Twin sea otters floating around on their mom are the cutest, saddest thing you’ll see today

If you're a twin baby sea otter, you're really rare, really cute -- and really in danger.