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A robot that throws cinderblocks means that humans will no longer be employed to throw cinderblocks

Some robot builders have built a robot that throws cinderblocks. They are still working on the aim.


Goats yelling like humans, part 2: Electric WHY IS THIS STILL FUNNY

If you want more yelling goats, here they are. But if you want more after this video, you'll probably have to start a backyard farm.


Brazil’s Carnival now runs on pee

Rio's Carnival has adopted a program called Power to the Pee, where pee running over turbines creates energy to power the event's sound system.


Instead of getting demolished, this Japanese building is slowly shrinking away

Shrinking a building floor by floor may be slower and less awesome-looking than blowing it to Kingdom Come, but it also creates a lot less noise, dust, and debris.


Egyptian locust plague just happens to occur right before Passover

As far as we know, there's not supposed to be an eclipse (aka "plague of darkness") anytime soon, but if the sun disappears, we recommend finding a lamb to slaughter, stat.

Business & Technology

Soon they’ll be able to 3D-print you a hybrid car

They can make everything else with 3D printers, and now, they can make cars too. Or they will be able to soon.


This site is like Etsy, but with products that are actually good for the planet

If you care more about actual environmental friendliness than about making your lifestyle resemble that of a hipster fairy in the woods, you might want to skip Etsy and instead spend your internet dollars at a place like EcoMarket.


Super-convincing fake egg is made entirely from plants

It supposedly tastes just like real eggs. It is cheaper than real eggs. And it does not require that a pesky chicken to exist for it to be eaten.


Possibly the most controversial food infographic ever made

Basically everyone is going to find something here that they absolutely cannot tolerate in silence.

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