Grist List


Potato bred to make perfect potato chips will kiiiiiill you

Scientists don't need fancy GM techniques to make weird plants that are not so good for human beings to consume.


Is there any point to buying organic baby food?

Organic baby food costs like twice as much as regular baby food. A recent study raises the question: Is this money you really need to spend?


This is the first two-headed bull shark ever seen

This is almost certainly not a result of pollution or the BP spill or whatever, but feel free to freak out, as it is probably a sign of the End Times anyway.


Giant pandas get shipped around the world via FedEx

We're going to imagine they're in giant FedEx boxes and that someone has to pull a gigantic tab in order to open them and let the pandas out.

Climate & Energy

New Weather Channel show talks to the people who are trying to change the climate (with cartoons and jokes!)

The show visits researchers who are coming up with creative, and in some cases cray-cray, solutions to rescue us hapless citizens from the havoc we're wreaking on our world.


Noble hunter rescues lost seal pup mysteriously stranded in a Swedish forest

The pup was four miles away from any open body of water.


Shut up and look at this rescued baby polar bear



The most metal way to recycle your water bottles: Make them into DIY rockets

This may not be a sensible alternative to recycling, but it is an excellent alternative to NOT shooting flaming bottles at stuff.


You can help track the inexorable progress of this year’s cicada infestation

Every 17 years, the cicadas come. This time, we're prepared.

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We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.