Grist List


If you can’t grow your own aerodynamic mullet, you can buy one instead

You don't have to grow a mullet to sport this most aerodynamic of hairstyles. And you don't have to be ashamed to love it.


This sustainable vibrator started out as a joke, until everyone wanted one

Sex toy company Lelo thought this sustainable vibrator was a funny April Fools' joke. Everyone else thought it was a great idea.


Europeans are buying two bikes for every car

America, you have some catching up to do.


New York has to choose between its High Line and its kinky sex parades

The High Line makes New Yorkers face up to what sort of city they want -- one that's exciting, but little bit rougher around the edges, or one that's safe but maybe a little bit …


If life gives you invasive pythons, make handbags

Florida state officials have been looking for a way to monetize their python problem, and New Yorker fashion designers have a solution.

Business & Technology

Facebook’s new roof is greener, more expensive than yours

Facebook is putting an amazing green roof on its new building in Menlo Park. It's going to be big and elaborate. You can only see it if you get a job at Facebook.


Someone is wrong on the internet, and it’s Google’s Earth Day doodle

We like celebrating Earth. But it turns out that Google has created a weird alternative planet that has a sun, a moon, four seasons, and prairie dogs but could not possibly be Earth.


Contest-winning kids are absurdly good at drawing endangered creatures

Kindergartener Ava Bribiesco decided she wanted to depict American burying beetles -- and won the grand prize.


We say YES to this wedding dress made out of reused bread bag ties

The whole dress cost less than $50 to make. And it's beautiful.