Grist List


This dude lived alone in the Maine woods for 27 years, supporting himself with over 1,000 burglaries

You think you're in tune with nature? Yeah, get back to us when you've spent nearly 30 years with no other company.


The secret to bigger, healthier crops may be urine

Pee. It might be really good for crops. And then again, it might not be. It's a matter of some pee-bate.


Get your turtle a sweater so you can find it in your yard

These colorful turtle sweaters keep your little guy from getting lost in the grass, or hiding from hawks.


You can help this activist bring fresh veggies to the Bronx in a bus that runs on vegetable oil

Tanya Fields is a Bronx food-justice advocate who has come into possession of a used school bus that she wants to use to bring produce to underserved communities.


Would you eat bugs if they looked like sushi?

Four graduate students in London are betting that you'll eat those nugget-y morsels -- even though they're made of bugs. After all, you already eat lots of weird things. Like raw fish.


Fishing teens in Florida spend two hours wrestling great white shark

Don't go charter fishing in Florida unless you're prepared to wrestle a shark. And lose.

Business & Technology

Slingshot-based condom applicator definitely deserves a $100,000 grant

Jörg Sprave's condom gun is obviously the answer to giving safe sex more universal appeal.


This weird spinning monk seal will put you into a hypnotic trance

Gaze upon this 400-pound seal rotating slowly in the water, and you will soon come to know inner peace.

Lake Erie’s Great Garbage Patch is even denser than the one in the Atlantic

Oceans aren't the only bodies of water where tiny bits of plastic are collecting into huge, polluting concentrations.