Grist List


The most metal way to recycle your water bottles: Make them into DIY rockets

This may not be a sensible alternative to recycling, but it is an excellent alternative to NOT shooting flaming bottles at stuff.


You can help track the inexorable progress of this year’s cicada infestation

Every 17 years, the cicadas come. This time, we're prepared.


Science has spoken: Cookies really do taste better when they’re dunked

If you'd like to defend your dunking, look no further. Science has your back.

Business & Technology

The Gates Foundation will pay $100,000 for a better condom

The foundation is offering a grant for developing "the next generation of condom." By which it means, one that makes sex feel better, or at least not any worse.


This dude jumping his skateboard over subway tracks is both crazy and CRAZY AWESOME

And, one might argue, way less concerned than he should be about the poor subway driver who'd be traumatized by killing him.


For some reason, Emma Watson thinks getting naked will help the environment

We don't entirely get the green angle here.

Climate & Energy

Fukushima nuclear power plant shutdown was caused by a rat

Nuclear power plants are perfectly safe, as long as there are no rats around.


Ice: Makes your drinks cold, contains feces

Do you want ice? It might kill you but it will make your drink cold!


The dumbest tweet about the Earth is this one from Rep. Steve Stockman

Rep. Steve Stockman, of Texas' 36th, wants you to know that he appreciates the planet.

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