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This site is like Etsy, but with products that are actually good for the planet

If you care more about actual environmental friendliness than about making your lifestyle resemble that of a hipster fairy in the woods, you might want to skip Etsy and instead spend your internet dollars at a place like EcoMarket.


Super-convincing fake egg is made entirely from plants

It supposedly tastes just like real eggs. It is cheaper than real eggs. And it does not require that a pesky chicken to exist for it to be eaten.


Possibly the most controversial food infographic ever made

Basically everyone is going to find something here that they absolutely cannot tolerate in silence.


It’s Friday, let’s hang out with baby goats all day

It's Friday! It's March! It's almost spring! Let's celebrate like Heidi would by hanging out with baby goats.


This bike is so light even a kid can lift it

This bike is called the BlackBraid, and it weighs only 11 pounds.


Affectless hipster invents, what else, an Oreo separating machine

A Portland man has created an amazing device that takes the cream out of an Oreo. No, it's not a butter knife.


At South by Southwest, even the free bikes will use Twitter

Sometimes, ad agencies have amazing ideas. Like bikes that tweet while you ride them.


Watch a helicopter rescue a deer stranded on ice by blowing it to shore

A deer stranded on the ice was pushed to safety with the air blast off a low-flying helicopter. Like James Bond for deer.


Subway ‘flight attendants’ give lucky train riders snacks, blankets, and their best commute ever

Improv Toronto brought the perks of air travel to subway commuters.

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