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This site lets you alert other dumpster divers to the best curbside treasures

You know what we're talking about. The dressers, the couches, the chairs, the books, the records, the lumber -- the stuff that makes you think "I want that! But I'm not going to bother picking it up right now!"


German prince is bringing bison back to Europe

Releasing them into the "wild," in this case, means something pretty specific: the bison will likely hang out on the 30,000 acres that Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg controls.


This orphaned dik dik may be the cutest animal we’ve ever encountered

This baby is being raised by a zookeeper after being abandoned by her mother. Good luck feeling satisfied with your life ever again.


We’re just gonna spend all day watching this video of penguins falling down

Oh sure, penguins. You're soooooo good at walking on ice. Well, if you're the ice experts, how come you keep falling on your adorable asses?


These LED streetlights can fight crime

Smart streetlights that light up when they're needed might be coming soon to a park near you. To creepily spy on you.


This sobering map shows you all of America’s food deserts

The USDA's Food Access Research Atlas shows where it's hard to access fresh food, as well as what percentage of residents can't walk to a supermarket. In a lot of places, it’s a lot of people.


Here’s what a volcanic eruption looks like from space

Images of a volcano taken from the International Space Station are useful to geologists because they detail the early stages of eruption, and useful to the rest of us because they are awesome.


Miami’s public transit is so bad, advocates have been reduced to building fake train stations

For a brief time last week, students from a local university had a whole new train station up and running -- a stop on the Purple Line, with vendors, music, crowds, and imaginary trains running into the station on a regular basis.


Australia’s latest invasive species concern is a giant snail that will eat your house

Last time giant African snails showed up in Australia, they ate crops and house siding and took eight months to eradicate. One just showed up in a shipping container in Brisbane. Dun-duh-DUNNNNNNH.