Grist List


If you want to go faster on your bike, grow a mullet

It's the most aerodynamic hairstyle -- business in the front, EXTREME UNSTOPPABLE SPEED in the rear.


Whole Foods will grow rooftop greens in a Superfund site

While we might be a little leery of both Whole Foods and veggies grown in areas long contaminated with industrial toxins, we're willing to give these a try.


If we have to build parking garages, we might as well use them for yoga and weddings

This garage treats parking as a luxury. But parking is a luxury, which we're irrationally subsidizing.


Climate change is slowing down our marathon times

The problem: We don't run so well in the heat.


Science proves definitively that sea lions can headbang to music

A sea lion named Ronan is the first nonhuman mammal to have the proven ability to keep a beat.

Climate & Energy

This flower-like solar panel is so light that you can use it to power your car while you’re driving

You can mount the Lotus Mobile on your electric car and charge your battery while you drive around (very carefully). You'd look extremely silly, but you COULD.


Bacon-flavored mouthwash should probably become reality

A bacon-flavored mouthwash that's entirely vegetarian? Too good to be true. Also, not true.

Business & Technology

Google makes Gmail greener by making it blue

This totally real and not fake Gmail update is inspired by nature. Like blue whales.

Business & Technology

This jellyfish is also a robot that is also a spy

You can rest easy knowing that this giant robotic jellyfish is spying on America's enemies.