Grist List


Turns out IKEA cake now comes with extra feces

IKEA: where you can get a cheap bed and some poop in your snacks.


Bike Helmet of Justice will capture footage of the a*hole driver who hit you

It has embedded in it seven cameras that start recording when jarred and jostled -- i.e., when the cyclist wearing it gets into an accident.

Mind-bending four-dimensional graffiti takes street art to the next level

Street artist INSA paints, photographs, re-paints, and re-photographs his works over a span of days, resulting in a piece of graffiti art that becomes really special when viewed as a time-lapse animation.


We’re addicted to this map of average commute times in the U.S.

On average, in America, it takes a person 25.4 minutes to get to work. But averages elide so much wonderful, painful information about location and the burden of commuting.

Climate & Energy

Global warming is causing flying squirrels to engage in miscegenation

The northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel are beginning to mate. It might be because of climate change. Or maybe they're just really attracted to each other.


These beautiful landscapes are actually piles of trash

Artist Yao Lu's works look like classical Chinese landscape paintings, but they're really photographs of landfill garbage covered in construction netting.

Business & Technology

This soccer ball generates energy while you play

Soccer is a cool, continental sport. Now it is also green, thanks to this energy-generating soccer ball.

Business & Technology

Fly to Mars in a spaceship made of poop

A rich dude wants to send people to Mars. They're going to give them a nice poop shield though, so they won't die.


Coca-Cola-funded study: ‘People get fat because of, uh, literally anything besides soda’

It's because ladies don't do enough housework! Yeah, that's the ticket!

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