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Former Trader Joe’s CEO: Let them eat cake — as long as it’s cake we weren’t going to eat ourselves

Doug Rauch is starting a store where poor people can buy the stuff rich people didn't want to eat.


Beijing’s smog is so bad it can hide a 1,000-foot skyscraper

This was an unusually bad day in Beijing air quality -- pollution levels were off the charts by 6 a.m.


Creepy scientists give tadpole eyes on the back of its body

Usually we don't go around calling people mad scientists, but this is definitely edging into that territory.


Chinese IKEA fans: ‘Oh please, our meatballs have WAY worse stuff than horse’

In China, those Ikea meatballs are made locally, which probably means they’ve got much worse ingredients than a little bit of Black Beauty.


If your sandwich dislocates your jaw, it is too big

Here's an object lesson in how messed up America's food culture is.


Mexico City has an awesome masked defender of pedestrians, and we’re jealous

Do not attempt to run over pedestrians in Mexico City. You will find yourself face to face with Peatónito.


Little kid writes adorable letter apologizing for taking sticks out of Yosemite

Yosemite Junior Ranger Evie's code: Take only pictures, leave only painfully cute apology notes for accidentally taking sticks as well.


Titantic replica will have to dodge even more icebergs than the original

Possibly-crazy rich guy Clive Palmer is spending his hard-earned fortune on building a replica of the Titanic.


We used to respect animals enough to give them a fair trial before putting them to death

What changed? Factory farming was introduced.

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