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Enterprising thief saws off elephant tusk with a chainsaw

The elephant is one that belonged to Louis XIV, who was king of France until 1715.


Hyper-artisanal food website answers your burning questions about laudanum, hardtack, and butter churns

Are you wondering, "Should I dilute the laudanum before rubbing it on the gums of my caterwauling baby?" Food1852 has got you covered.


These elementary school kids fought to keep their local park open — and won

The state of California was going to close a state park. A group of kids at Grass Valley Charter were upset about this. So they took action, and won.


Gwyneth’s daughter, the world’s most perfect eater, eats Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and likes it

Gwyneth's daughter Apple Martin eats super healthy just like her super healthy mom. But she cheats just like everyone else!


This man stole 42,000 pounds of cheese

An Illinois man stole $200,000 worth of cheese. He's going to get in trouble because even though stealing cheese is funny, it's still stealing.


These are the best-dressed animals we’ve ever seen

Have you ever looked at an animal and thought "it's cute, but I sure wish it were more of a sartorial role model"? Barcelona photographer Yago Partal has solved your problem.


Climate change will give more people diarrhea

A study of 30 years of data on diarrhea in Botswana found something pretty gross: As the climate changes, it's probably going to mean that more people contract diarrheal disease.


Australia had to kill a lot of cats to save these tiny marsupials

The government dispatched 3,000 of them over 16 days to keep them the hell away from endangered greater bilbies.


We are weirdly addicted to this neighborhood-identification game

Code for America created a neato game to help you learn about all the different neighborhoods where you live. And where you don't live.