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New York City’s subways will have giant touchscreen maps

Touch a station and the map will tell you how to get there! It's sort of like a giant Hopstop, except you can touch it.


Bears in Russia are getting high by huffing airplane fuel

Not to be a narc or anything, but animals get high a LOT. And these Russian bears have figured out how to get high off gasoline fumes.


The queen rides the Tube to celebrate 150 years of subway transit in London

She's a sweet old lady. It's a grand old public transit system. And check out these useful badges they have for pregnant ladies!


Vintage McDonald’s menus are kind of amazing (also delightful, tempting, and full-flavor)

Here's a look back into the halcyon days when people had to be talked into eating at McDonald's.


Why in the world are so many manatees dying?

Manatees are dying off both Florida coasts, and by God we want the culprit brought to justice! (It's probably us.)


Google Maps can now make you a virtual mountain climber

Google Maps gets you from your house to Petco. And now it gets you to the world's highest peaks.


How scientists are bringing this weird, extinct, baby-barfing frog back from the dead

The frog DNA sat around for 40 years before scientists used cloning technology to bring the species back to life.

Amazing street artist turns abandoned buildings into creepy, funny faces

Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz paints faces on buildings in out-of-the-way places.


Watch a penguin play games on an iPad

Considering that touch screens are not exactly optimized for seabird use, they're actually pretty good at it.

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