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This 3D map makes Tokyo’s subway system look like a crazy roller coaster ride

You needn't bring a barf bag, though. Although they're based in reality, those peaks and valleys don't exactly represent what it feels like to ride on the Tokyo subway.


It’s bike share season!

Like daffodils, ramps, and skirts, bike shares emerge in the spring, a sign that the long winter is over and summer is coming soon.


For the first time in history, a bear gets brain surgery

A bear at a sanctuary in Asia was the first ever to get brain surgery. Her prognosis is beary good.


Mess with beavers, pay the price

When Beavers Attack. That's all. That's enough.


This Tumblr will tell you what to do with all that weird food cluttering your cupboard

No matter how simply you try to live, you will eventually accumulate strange food items that sit in your cupboard or refrigerator forever.


Even Bitcoin mining has an environmental impact

At a certain point, the huge amounts of processing power needed to mine bitcoins translates into notable energy consumption.


This dude lived alone in the Maine woods for 27 years, supporting himself with over 1,000 burglaries

You think you're in tune with nature? Yeah, get back to us when you've spent nearly 30 years with no other company.


The secret to bigger, healthier crops may be urine

Pee. It might be really good for crops. And then again, it might not be. It's a matter of some pee-bate.


Get your turtle a sweater so you can find it in your yard

These colorful turtle sweaters keep your little guy from getting lost in the grass, or hiding from hawks.