Grist List


You eat less if you know exactly how many miles you’ll have to walk to burn it off

A recent study shows little changes to menus can make a big difference to health outcomes.


Awesome 17-year-old geek wins $100,000 for her bedroom biofuel lab

Sara Volz's experiments with algae could create cheaper, more efficient biofuel.


‘Yogurt for men’ comes with its own abs

Why should women be the only ones who get to sit around listing off stereotypes about their gender while eating oversweetened fat-free yogurt glop?


This guy built an authentic passenger rail car in his basement

To make this subterranean transit-geek wonderland, self-described "train-obsessed nutcase" Jason Shron went in with a friend on a decades-old train car that was slated to be scrapped.


Finally, a cereal that gives you serious sexual power

Sexual health is important, say the makers of a cereal for sexual health. Which make us wonder, if it's so important, how can it just, like, go in a cereal?


This beige liquid could be the only food you need to eat for the rest of your life

It's beige and it's not that exciting. No, it's not carpet. It's food.


Hundreds of sea lion pups are mysteriously washing ashore in California

What the hell is going on? Why are so many dehydrated and malnourished baby sea lions washing ashore? And do they need us to take some of them home?

Business & Technology

Adorable students create air freshener out of cow dung

If these girls make air freshener out of cow dung, well, you can probably at least get a job.


This teen is suing the state of Alaska because climate change threatens his home

Eighteen-year-old Nelson Kanuk's yard is disappearing. Eight feet last spring. Five feet last summer.

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