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You don’t need nature, you just need the smell of it

An immunologist in Japan named Qing Li has been working for years to show that you can get a bunch of the benefits of nature without actually going there.


Watch a magical LED light installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco has unveiled the Bay Lights project, in which the bridge is illuminated with 25,000 twinkling LEDs. In two years, no pattern will be repeated, but we have a few here for you.


Two guys in London opened a coffee shop in a men’s bathroom

They did have to scrub the place down a bit.


The best tiny house ever can be yours for $1,200

The Gypsy Junker needs to go.

Climate & Energy

Giant 2,000-pound camels used to live in the Arctic

Back when the Arctic was a slightly-less-frozen wasteland, one-ton camels roamed its plains.


Sure, that bike is nice, but wouldn’t you rather have a unicorn?

We've all been there. You're trying to sell a really nice bike to a dude who seems really interested, and then OF COURSE some jackass shows up with a unicorn and the whole deal goes sour.


Turns out IKEA cake now comes with extra feces

IKEA: where you can get a cheap bed and some poop in your snacks.


Bike Helmet of Justice will capture footage of the a*hole driver who hit you

It has embedded in it seven cameras that start recording when jarred and jostled -- i.e., when the cyclist wearing it gets into an accident.

Mind-bending four-dimensional graffiti takes street art to the next level

Street artist INSA paints, photographs, re-paints, and re-photographs his works over a span of days, resulting in a piece of graffiti art that becomes really special when viewed as a time-lapse animation.

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