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For just $65 and the cost of a trip to Japan, you can have a gummi bear that looks just like you

This gummi portrait is being promoted as a romantic gift. Because who doesn't want to gnaw the head off their boyfriend from time to time?


Screaming goats are now doing karaoke

Oh, internet. There's not a single thing you won't either make porn of or mash up with Nicki Minaj.


Wasted? Eat this burger the size of an IKEA lamp

In a world of gross burgers they just keep outdoing themselves. WTF.


‘LEGO bombing’ reveals the plastic-brick framework of your city

Street artists are filling holes in crumbling buildings with LEGO bricks. Or possibly the buildings are crumbling to reveal their LEGO cores.


Scientists have discovered a tiny lost continent under the Indian Ocean

Mauritia once connected India and Madagascar, before sinking deep under the Indian Ocean.


This map shows you where to find love in every state of the union

Public transit lovers who want to meet Mr. or Ms. Right should hang out in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, D.C., Oregon, or Washington.


Once a year, this waterfall looks like a stream of falling lava

Photographers trek to the park in that brief window to catch the red, streaming falls, with beautiful results.


Please enjoy this cartoon of tubby, fast-food-eating animals rolling around like balls

It's a two-minute video of fat, round, bouncing animals.


Socially and sexually deviant species of octopus shares room with preteen girl

They discovered a new kind of octopus. In the 70's. But we're just talking about it now because it's roomates with a 10-year-old girl.

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