Grist List


The next popemobile could be powered by bike

This is a serious vehicle. It has a bulletproof booth for the pope, with air conditioning powered by rooftop solar panels.


London’s going to power 40,000 homes with used kitchen grease

You know how you're not supposed to pour oil and bacon fat down the drain? Before that oil and fat gets discarded, the city's going to collect it and use it to run "the world's biggest fat-fuelled power station."


Here’s what it would look like if we connected every subway from Canada to Mexico

We'd still have next to no coverage in the Midwest.


Baby pig in a sweater and socks is the world’s cutest knitwear model

There is no reason for this snoozing baby pig wearing socks and a sweater. No reason except COME ON, BABY PIG WEARING SOCKS AND A SWEATER.


This may be the world’s most expensive egg

This single egg from a London restaurant costs more than $12. It better be the best egg ever. And maybe it is.

Climate & Energy

Spoof Kickstarter celebrates the ‘New Canada’ with oil-filled souvenirs

LaMar DiCuois' fictional Kickstarter campaign will fund the development of oil-filled snow globes featuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cronies.


Scientists can 3D print lifelike tissue using only oil and water

You need only a few simple ingredients to make something amazing.


Where not to pee in NYC: Interactive map shows you where you’ll get busted

Gothamist made a map that shows where in New York people are peeing and getting arrested for it. What will they think of next? More public toilets?


A big battle over a tiny door in a San Francisco tree

There's a tiny door in a tree in San Fran's Golden Gate Park. People like it. Officials don't. Who will win?