Grist List


This bizarre-looking bike went 127 miles per hour

That gigantic gear had 130 teeth. The bike had wooden rims to keep it from overheating. It weighed 45 pounds. And it went fast. As. Hell.


13-year-old genius from Kenya is saving lions with LEDs

Richard Turere's invention will keep lions from killing cows, which will keep humans from killing lions.


Practically all of the forest elephants are dead :( :(

A new study found that the number of forest elephants in Africa has dropped by two-thirds over the past decade, to just 100,000.

Climate & Energy

This 8-year-old understands global warming better than most of Congress

If Fox News wanted to hire this kid as science correspondent, we wouldn't object.


That’s not just a bug, that’s an amazing artist who happens to be a bug

Steven Kutcher is an entomologist, but he's so much more than that. He is a visionary, and his bugs are the vehicle for that vision.

Business & Technology

A robot that throws cinderblocks means that humans will no longer be employed to throw cinderblocks

Some robot builders have built a robot that throws cinderblocks. They are still working on the aim.


Goats yelling like humans, part 2: Electric WHY IS THIS STILL FUNNY

If you want more yelling goats, here they are. But if you want more after this video, you'll probably have to start a backyard farm.


Brazil’s Carnival now runs on pee

Rio's Carnival has adopted a program called Power to the Pee, where pee running over turbines creates energy to power the event's sound system.


Instead of getting demolished, this Japanese building is slowly shrinking away

Shrinking a building floor by floor may be slower and less awesome-looking than blowing it to Kingdom Come, but it also creates a lot less noise, dust, and debris.

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