Grist List


Titantic replica will have to dodge even more icebergs than the original

Possibly-crazy rich guy Clive Palmer is spending his hard-earned fortune on building a replica of the Titanic.


We used to respect animals enough to give them a fair trial before putting them to death

What changed? Factory farming was introduced.


Street photographer gets screwed by corporation, responds by raising money for disadvantaged kids

Our favorite street photographer, Humans of New York, had his photos used without compensation. His response? Raising money to send kids to camp.


This funny-looking creature is your ancestor, and it needs a name

The best option right now is to call it the "hypothetical placental mammal," which doesn't really have much of a ring to it.


For just $65 and the cost of a trip to Japan, you can have a gummi bear that looks just like you

This gummi portrait is being promoted as a romantic gift. Because who doesn't want to gnaw the head off their boyfriend from time to time?


Screaming goats are now doing karaoke

Oh, internet. There's not a single thing you won't either make porn of or mash up with Nicki Minaj.


Wasted? Eat this burger the size of an IKEA lamp

In a world of gross burgers they just keep outdoing themselves. WTF.


‘LEGO bombing’ reveals the plastic-brick framework of your city

Street artists are filling holes in crumbling buildings with LEGO bricks. Or possibly the buildings are crumbling to reveal their LEGO cores.


Scientists have discovered a tiny lost continent under the Indian Ocean

Mauritia once connected India and Madagascar, before sinking deep under the Indian Ocean.

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