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You can tour a Fukushima ghost town on Google Street View

Now that its 21,000 residents have been evacuated, Namie-Machi is full of empty streets and ruined buildings, and you can see what that's like with your own eyes.

Climate & Energy

China’s finless porpoises are going extinct

In over 2,000 miles of the Yangtze river, the World Wildlife Fund found only 380 of these smiley critters.


Walmart is ‘crowdsourcing’ by getting customers to make its deliveries

We have a different buzzword for this plan: "cheaping out."


What’s inside this squid? Oh my god, it’s a bomb!

A fisherman found a bomb in a squid. No. The squid is not OK.


This video of a dolphin carrying her dead baby will make you cry and cry and cry

If you're already having a bad Thursday, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.


American Bird Conservancy discovers four new bird species: Blue, teal, pink, and purple Peeps

The marshmallow Peep is the American Bird Conservancy's bird of the week, and ornithologists now recognize blue, teal, pink, and purple species.


Baby giraffe is impossibly adorable, good news for an endangered subspecies

There's a new Rothschild giraffe in Connecticut. Watch it stand up for the first time.


Man presumptuously kidnaps 13 percent of an entire turtle species

A man was arrested in Bangkok smuggling 54 ploughshare turtles. There are only 400 of the species in the wild.


Please keep an eye out for this lost space hedgehog

CASSiE the Cosmic Hedgehog is the U.K. space mascot. We're hoping for her safe return after being lost on the way back from the edge of space.