Grist List

Female komodo dragons live half as long as males because they do so much frickin’ housework

Female komodo dragons live half as long as males. This is because they exhaust themselves raising children, which, if they are female, can in turn exhaust themselves and die young.

Moss-covered keyboard lets you commune with nature while you work

It's a keyboard made out of moss and wood. It wasn't on our Christmas list, but it's cool. And maybe if we worked on it we'd actually feel like we were outside?

Climate & Energy

Sadly believable fake TED talk solves the fuel problem for good

"Step one: Devise an idea to create a car that runs on compost. Step two: Create the car. We've already completed step one. We're halfway there."

25 species of primate are on the brink of extinction

The future doesn't look so bright for our primate brethren. But conservation efforts are helping at least some species hang on.

Business & Technology

Now that you can send smells through your phone, why even bother leaving the house?

A Japanese company has created a device that attaches to the bottom of an iPhone and that sends smells over the internet.

Business & Technology

Bikers are better than drivers for the economy

Bikers, it turns out, are better consumers than car-drivers.


11 bacon recipes that will kill you (and why you will eat them anyway)

Bacon is amazing. It is especially amazing when paired with other things. Like beef. And cheese. And pizza. And more bacon.

Meet Moses, the orphaned baby elephant raised by a human mom

Moses is 7 months old, 220 pounds, and needs 24-hour care and a bottle feeding every two hours during the night. His human mom, Jenny Webb, is up for all of it.


Trampoline bridge would be the best-ever way to get across a river

This proposed inflatable bridge has 90-foot trampolines and a view of the Eiffel Tower. Who needs to see the rest of Paris?

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