Grist List


5-hour Energy has been implicated in 13 deaths

Maybe they can turn it all into ethanol, like they did with Four Loko.


D.C. may soon be overrun with wild pigs

This is not a "Congress is back in session" joke.

Bizarre, troubling ‘suds tsunami’ in Nairobi, Kenya

It's even grosser than it looks.


Here’s the fake-human-flesh bread to complete your fake-human-flesh sandwich

Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom makes fake human-meat bread, so your entire panini can look like it came out of a Cronenberg film.


Fart-eating underpants could do a lot for air pollution

Pretty soon we won't even have to bathe. We'll just walk around in our odor-absorbing clothes, giggling to ourselves that no one knows how disgusting we are.


Williams-Sonoma’s ‘Agrarian’ products take pretentious and self-satisfied to new heights

DIY the shit out of your life. Simultaneously inform all potential friends and suitors that you're annoying and probably just talk about food all the time.


Airbnb has a new tool that tells you which neighborhoods you’ll actually enjoy

It’s a lot more accurate than guidebooks are.

Budweiser provided canned water for Sandy victims

This was particularly nice of them because it's so easy to make water jokes about their beer.

Africa’s largest marine reserve will protect fish, but also make them into wusses

Last week, Mozambique (that's in East Africa, kids) declared more than 4,000 square miles of coastal waters a Marine Protected Area.